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Dave, you might be interested in this article I read recently in the UU World magazine.

Here's a brief quote: "'The version of evolution that most people have been exposed to,' he explains, 'isn’t the Great Story—it's chance, meaningless, mechanistic facts. The popular perception is if you want meaning and value, you need to go to religion for it.' ... But the Great Story finds meaning in the universe by making science the basis of its religious worldview, rather than by molding the science to fit a preconceived religious perspective. In the Great Story, science is theology; it is our newest revelation, our modern scripture."


If all matter is eternal, what is time in that regard? To suppose to put an age on matter itself seems paradoxial. And if we state what the time is of the age of the earth when it was finally formed, what time is it reckoned with? The speed of light is relative always with other things. This would make energy also relative, and thus the time calculation specific only to ones reckoning. Abraham gives us a pretty good rundown on time and its relativity with other masses. He also gives us the knowledge that this earth did not reckon time the way man has always reckoned it with.

Before Adam fell, the earth was reckoned with a different sphere other than our sun. Further, if radiation and half lives is how we reckon time, how does God reckon time when in his sphere the matter is eternal and not changing?

Time is a measurement of a sequence of at least two consecutive evnts. If they can be done faster or slower under what would appear to be normal circumstances- say the movement of a clock in two different ships going two different speeds, then like the Great Einstein postulated- where and how do we really measure time? It is all relative. To suppose that this earth has for the last 4- 15 billion years always traveled at the same velocity through space with the same energy (gravitation) is guesswork at best, especially in light of the Pogp in Abraham.

This is all relative with how man also uses technology to age things by the effects of radiation, which under different circumstances including the speeding up or slowing down of the earth and it's gravitational field, will change the calculation algorithom drastically.


Thanks for these insights. I follow these science posts--this one--and the ones Clark publishes on evolution, and science with interest. I don't have any educational background to sufficiently comment with any intelligence on the merits; however, I have never felt--from my impressions of the Spirit--that anything taught in the scriptures, or in the Temple, in the final analysis will be or is inconsistent with science.

I consider man's collective knowledge to be relatively small in the context of human history vs. all of Eternity. I marvel at and look forward to the day when nothing will be withheld and all will be revealed.

I like Guy don't have enough knowledge to comment much. I did read recently that there have been 4 times that the spedd of light has been measured and that it appears that the speed of light is actually slowing down. I'm sure that will effect all these age calculations as well.

If one reads the scriptures literally then there is a problem. But exclusive literalism never made sense, not even before the rise of science.

Rob, the problem isn't that your ideas are inconsistent with science, it's that they are inconsistent with scripture, whether biblical or LDS. You aren't arguing and defending the scriptural view, you're arguing and defending some strange CES folk doctrine that both LDS scientists and current LDS leaders have spent the last thirty years trying to eradicate without offending those who hold it. IMHO, the campaign is a failure and they ought to just release or terminate the entire CES organization and start from scratch.

Anyone who stumbles onto this thread (or similar threads elsewhere in the Bloggernacle) deserves to know that opinions like Rob's are happily tolerated within the LDS Church, but those opinions are not representative of the mainstream view in the LDS Church or the view of modern LDS leaders. The best indication of the mainstream modern LDS view is probably the article on Evolution in the Encyclopeia of Mormonism (available here), which is reportedly sent to individuals who inquire for further information on the subject.


Thanks for the nice comments. I wasn't attacking your evolution by the way. I was just making a statement in reply of your post.

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