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How would one practially go about "...preventing research into potentially threatening technologies?" The problem with research is that so much of it is accidental-- in an attempt to seek a solution to one problem, another problem is accidentally solved. Monsanto's Roundup and Nylon fiber discoveries were both accidental. Viagra was developed from research that began seeking a treatment for strokes. The list could go on and on. While these happen to be products that, at the very least, seem to be morally neutral I'm sure there exist example of potentially "evil" products that developed out of "harmless" research. So I think trying to restrict what is researched would be ineffective at best and oppressive at its worst.

Dave, if you want to go by sheer numbers, the killer technology is already here.

More people die every year in car accidents than died in most of our nation's wars.

The sheer suffering and human loss is overwhelming.

Had our society been more forward-thinking and less concerned with greedy self-opportunism, it might have been averted in large measure.

The thing about the REAL threats is that you never notice that they are there. In fact, we glorify them, praise them, and devote large portions of our lives in their service.

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