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I dunno if this is going to work, Dave. If you want a thousand comments, you’ll probably have better luck going with an abortion/feminist/race/war/intellectualism/SSM/BYU/RFM/MTC super thread.

But here’s one comment, at any rate: I'm not sure how I first found DMI one or two years ago, probably through some link at T&S. I take at least a cursory glance at all the posts and then read more carefully those that are on a topic I'm interested in. I'm active LDS.

I'm a practicing Mormon. DMI was probably the first or second LDS blog I encountered. Either DMI or T&S was first. I just can't remember which. I like DMI because it's steady, has been around awhile and strikes a reasonable tone.

I am a practicing Luciferian. Owner and operator of the ezine site Mystic Witch. Stopped by and read a few of the posts. I especially enjoyed the South Park post. Very interesting posts.

I visit here somewhat regularly. I follow links from ldsblogs.org to almost all of your posts. I am an active Mormon, I'm moderate, and I'm loyal to current Church leadership (I don't think they're perfect, but I feel like the Church is in very good hands and I avoid fault-finding).

I don't really any major complaints about your blog, but I don't always love it.

Fun -- graffiti thread!

I ran into this site more than a year ago; it was linked off of By Common Consent, which my wife found off of a Google search regarding Mormons. I have read pretty much all of your posts since I found the site. I'm a practicing Mormon by religion.

Anyway, Dave, I still love the site; keep up the good work!

Profession: Cynical Grad Student
I enjoy the site. One of my hobbies is keeping track of the intellecutal life of the bloggernacle, gives some fun as a counterpoint to keeping an eye on Christian Reconstructionism and the religious right...lol

Hi. Links from other LDS blogs brought me to this site. I read anything that looks interesting. I'm a Catholic.

Brad, your Defensor Veritas blog, "a Catholic blog with a focus on Mormonism," is a creative approach to cross-denominational blogging.

Been kicking around here since late 2003. Like RT, I've read just about every post of yours (and your guests) since then. I am also a practicing Mormon.

Keep up the great work!

Hi, it's me.

I suspect that your actual unique visitor count is somewhat less than 3000. I've got a forum that I know gets no more than 400 or so unique visitors a day, but statcounter reports regularly in excess of 2,500.

Still, you've got a great blog here. I hope you reach 1000.

Hi Dave. I heard of your site via posts on other boards. Call me a disaffected/inactive/"I'll never go back" kind of Mormon.

Good luck getting 1,000 comments.

I've been reading you for more than two years and have upset a large percentage of your other readers.


You have great stuff with which I don't always agree.

FYI John, I've never received a single complaint from any reader about your comments. Perhaps you're becoming a religious liberal without noticing it. Next thing you know you'll be moving to California.

I am a practicing mormon in Arizona. My first experience with the 'nacle was a little over a year ago and when ldselect.org started up is when I started reading DMI (and many other blogs, too). I was accused of being DKL because I advocated ldselect on a comment at the Snarker's, but hope that I will be recognized as quite distinct from him with a little exposure.

I like the blogs I like and skip the ones that are a little too erudite for me. I'm more interested in social topics and current mormon discussion, less in deep tangential pontification.

cantinflas, I too live with the spectre of being mistaken for DKL, especially as he has taken to posting as "Dave" at T&S and elsewhere. Perhaps the feeling is mutual. Just for general information, I always link my posting name to this DMI site and to my dmiwlog email address. Maybe I should change my name to something more unique. Arturo, maybe.

Interesting concept.

I am a co-religionist. Found you close to two years ago. Have enjoyed collaborating on several projects. Long live Dave!

You wrote about me in your Happiness thread. I lurk here regularly. I orginally discovered you by following a link from either T&S or BCC. I'm a practicing Mormon. I love my church and religion. I wonder if it's really true. I feel more at peace these days. Life goes on.

I'm glad life seems to be getting better, Jane. I thought the online discussions prompted by your comments were really quite remarkable.

I'm Elisabeth, and I'm a Mormon. (cue: Hi, Elisabeth!) I've been reading for about a year, and I check in about once or twice a week. I rarely comment because the content and level of conversation here is usually too high to support my drive-by commenting habits - and I prefer not to make a fool of myself by revealing the depth of my ignorance. Good stuff, Dave!

I usually come to the site following a ldsblogs link. I am an active Mormon. I typically read the more applied posts. I appreciate philospophy, but don't have as much interest in it as much as policy/practical/legal applications of such. So forget how many angels, lets just talk about whether our pins should have heads or not.

I can't remember how I found this site but I think I found the rest of the 'Nacle through DMI, so thanks.

At first I thought you were in the foyer and on your way out of the building, as it were. Now I think I understand you and I enjoy the site (the comments queue was brilliant, in my opinion), despite not agreeing with everything you post. I am an active Mormon in Southern California. I head first to ldsblogs.org and read whatever looks interesting or whatever I have time to read, usually focusing on T&S, M*, New Cool Thang, and DMI.

Thanks, Dave!

Hi Dave. I'm a New Order Mormon and I love your site because it seems mostly "just the facts, ma'am." I've been reading this site since I don't remember when, and I'm pretty sure I introduced much of the Disaffected Mormon Underground to DMI. No need to thank me.

I check in about every day, often more than once because I'm obsessive like that. I like that discussion here is respectful and positive.

I credit the bloggernacle in general and DMI in particular for helping me to hang in there with church stuff.

Thanks, Ann, glad you're hanging in there. If some future bishop ever comes to think that blog is a four-letter word, I'll pull out your comment to correct the record.

I've been reading for several years now. I don't remember how I came across DMI, but it was one of the first Mormon blogs I discovered after I apostatized from debate boards.

I try to read every post, I'm LDS, I specialize in "looking beyond the mark" (i.e., obsessing over Mormon history), and DMI is a favorite of mine.

Justin normally posts at Mormon Wasp, but it should be noted that during December 2004, Justin did a stint as DMI's one and only guest blogger. His posts at DMI are collected in the Guest Posts category.

hi dave. i've been reading your blog for about 1 1/2 years now. i'm kind of a mormon-in-flux, kind of on the way out. but i really like your blog, mostly for the same reasons that ann mentioned. definitely the best moblog out there.

(1) I'm a regular reader,
(2) but I read less than a third of the posts--just whatever strikes my fancy. Most recently, it was the Selfish Gene post, before that PostModern Mormon. I usually link in from the Archipelago, so titles of posts matter.
(3) I'm a practicing Mormon
(4) I come for the substantial stuff, but am more likely to actually read the froth.

I've been lurking for a more than a couple years in the 'nacle. I originally started with T&S and then BCC. Now, I usually use LDSelect or MoArch to browse the latest postings. I am an active, somewhat heterodox, Mormon in Utah.

I am Naiah.
(1)I first found you while site-hopping through the 'nacle via various blogrolls. I found you 'for real' (as in like started reading you) on a click-through from the MA. Lamely enough, I think it was your 'free bloggernacle tour' entry.

(2) DMI's actually become one of my favorites, and I keep a watch out on the aggregators for anything new. So, I read them all, I guess--even the ones over my head. :)

(3) Hmm, I'm a fairly recently reclaimed (three year hiatus of faith) faithful, practicing ex-ex-Mormon (with a residual dash of ex-Wiccanesque Gaian flavored by Buddhist philosophy thrown in for good measure)

(4) Perhaps you need to add a guest book. Although this post is more fun. About your blog, though, I love it. I really appreciate that, when you're writing about high-arching academic topics, you take the time to toss in wikipedia links and the like. It's a stretch sometimes, but it is still accessible. I dig it. It makes my brain happy. Thanks.

Naiah, I think you take the prize for the most intricate and most interesting self-description.

I've been lurking in the Bloggernacle for about a year. Lurking and usually not posting because I am afraid of feeling obligated to follow up on comments. Practicing Mormon - but sceptical of uncritical orthodoxy. Became disillusioned with conservative politics in America during the 2004 campaign and found this and other LDS blogs when looking to see what some other Mormon perspectives were.

I read an article in the SLC Tribune one day about LDS blogs which I thought was interesting so I did a google search and found you. I thought some of the topics were informative and fun, so I book marked the site. I like to check in a couple of time a week to see what on the topic menu. I’m an active Mormon in San Diego just to doing the best I can.


My name is Hannah, and I've lurked (and occasionally commented) at various blogs, including yours, for the past year and a half. I am a practicing mormon. I read whatever catches my eye, depending on my free time.

I first clicked on to you from Mormon Archipeligo. I don't remember exactly when. The first blogs I found and fell in love with about a year ago were BCC and fMh which are still my favorites.
I tend to read posts that have titles that seem interesting to me, depending on my mood.
I'm active LDS.
I hope you make it to 1000!

I'm Joey Day, sixth-generation Mormon turned Baptist (reformed in my theology but Southern Baptist by denomination). I'm not afraid to admit that I'm still a cultural Mormon and will have no problem living in Salt Lake the rest of my life.

I can't recall how I first stumbled across your blog, but I've had you in my feed-reader since January of 2005. I read everything that comes through my feed-reader, but I won't deny that I skim sometimes. I wanted to comment on your Understanding Baptists post, but never got around to it.

I run a couple of blogs — both rather rundown by now, unfortunately — called Avocation (about technology and web-design) and Foundation (about theology and faith). Visit.

Thanks for dropping by, Joey. Your comment explains why your Foundation site has such a nice look to it!

I found this site when I was looking for some commentary on a supposed joke Justice Rehnquist made about Mormons during S. Court oral arguments (really just wanted to know what the joke was).

Found Times and Seasons instead and their sidebar directed me here.

I'm a life-long practicing Mormon. I ascribe to a sort of Hegelian dialectic with the Mormon version of Zion as the end result of history and enjoy my own ongoing grudge-match with societal convention (which frequently gets me in trouble).

Never did find out what the joke was though...

Former Mormon, found my way here from a link at Times and Seasons, a website Ann introduced me too. I come here because I admire your fair-minded approach to things. I also like the blog because you tend to attract people who know how to write.

Thanks, CJ. I try to blog "from the middle." That has worked pretty well for me, but every blogger needs to find their own voice, I think.

Seth, I was unaware Justice Rehnquist had a sense of humor.


1. I can't remember what brought me here first; but, like Seth it probably was from the T & S side bar. I know I liked your site early on, as it is still linked to my first blog--Guy's Blog.

2. I read most of the posts, but like Mormon history posts and political posts as well.

3. Practicing Mormon

4. I appreciate the loads of work you must have done over the early years of LDS blogging to help make it what it has become.

"Seth, I was unaware Justice Rehnquist had a sense of humor."

He didn't. It is just one of those internet rumors.

1. I think I started reading in 2002 or so so. If I remember right, I found the blog after you linked to something at the Metaphysical Elders of blessed memory.

2. I am a believing and practicing Mormon.

3. I live in Washington, DC.

4. I think that you are much more intimidating in real life than the reasonable and pleasant persona you present online. I was frankly surprised by all of the facial tatooing.

Nate Oman: Gentleman, scholar, comedian.

I think this is a good idea.

I'm a housewife living in southern Utah with time on my hands (although you wouldn't know it---I don't get near enough naps.).

I'm a devout, but iconoclastic Mormon woman. I'm not a feminist, but I don't take crap from men.

I found this from a link, I think on Times and Seasons, then I saved it to my list, I think there are about 15 blogs on it now, I forget to save sometimes.

Remember I wrote asking you about your policy on cussing. Because I slip sometimes. Not so much anymore.

I am anxious to find out about everybody else. Thanks, Dave.

I visit the Archeepelaagoo everyday. I click on the most intriguing links. Your's happened to come up today.

I've made various comments before on blogs, but I'm not sure if I've posted any comments on this blog.

I'm Don in Dallas and I'm and ldsblogs.org addict.

Post-Mormon liberal Christian UU over here! I've always admired good Mormon scholarship and enjoy missing my homeland from far away.

Thanks for dropping in, Chris. I visited my local UU congregation twice in recent years and was made to feel very welcome on both occasions.

I stumbled onto DMI about two years ago, via BCC or T&S.

Active Mormon

I like the emphasis on books and history here. That, and Dave even finds time to comment on my blog too now and then.

Thanks, Ian. I don't get around as much as I'd like, but the "LDS-Libertarian law student" tagline always catches my interest.

Hi, Dave! I was introduced to the bloggernacle by Grasshopper at a forum we both posted at. I started my own blog about a year and a half ago, and that's when I started reading other LDS blogs. Can't remember where I got the link to your blog, but I pop over to read once in awhile.

I'm active LDS in Oklahoma--not too many bloggers here (D-Train in Norman is one that I know of, though I've never met him) or Mormons, for that matter. But there's enough and we have a temple and everything!

I don't comment on other people's blogs nearly enough--I read a lot that I don't comment on. I need to repent. :D

Best wishes on getting 1,000 posts!!!

1- loyd
2- somthing that catches my attention. it varies.
3- religious agnostic Mormon believer
4- no

1. Link from Archeepelaagoo
2. Anything that catches my attention (titles matter): mormon history, politics, social justice, culture
3. Active, practicing Mormon in Wisconsin. Very happy with my current belief system.
4. Refreshing to have a community such as the 'nacle. thanks to all.

1). ldsblogs.org

2). all of 'em.

3). mostly Mormon, but with strong Protestant tendencies

4). I love this place; one of the classiest blogs in the 'nacle. Keep it up.

I got $50 that says there ain't no way you get to 1,000 comments on this thread. Any takers?

Way! You just wait, someday you'll be known as "No. 40 on Dave's famous thousand-comment thread."

Hi Dave:

1) I found this site by doing a google search on mormon doctrine discussion. The first ldsblog I opened was New Cool Thang. This lead me to the MA and eventually here also.

2) I prefer posts that are doctrinally based, and that are generally supportive of the church, it's leaders, and teachings. Over time I have developed a short favorites list.

3) You won't find a much more active mormon than me.

4) I have a solo blog called Small and Simple, and participate in a group blog called Blogger of Jared. I have been blogging for about 6 months.

hi- i'm laura

1. i first found T&S nearly 2 years ago, and that led me to the MA, and then to DMI.

2. i read whatever catches my interest on MA, particularly when my classes are really boring or i'm procrastinating on my homework (like right now). i'm in an MBA program in the southeast.

3. i'm an "attend sacrement meeting but skip sunday school and relief society" mormon. i am an adult convert from the presbyterian church, and between that and skipping sunday school i have a seriously messed up understanding of church doctrine and policy and what the difference is between the two.

4. i love the books and their discussions in the sidebar. i occasionally browse through them to figure out what to read next .

good luck on getting to 1000!

Thanks, Laura. With your comment we're 4.2% of the way there. By the way, I was running out of room so I moved my General Books list over to the Sideblog.

Can't remember how I found the site
I prefer Church history posts
Very active (currently the Bishop of my ward)
Love the Church
Love getting different perspectives on things
Have used quite a bit of material from the bloggernacle in talks :-)

(1) I've been a reader since the old version of the blog, in the pre-timesandseasons days. Don't remember how I first found it.

(2) I read most posts. I'm most intersted in the history and evolution of mormon culture and doctrine.

(3) Practicing Mormon.

(4) Great blog!

Ed, you deserve some sort of award if you've been hanging around since the old blog! Maybe guest-blogging at T&S is that reward.

1. Found the 'nacle as a result of looking for custom t-shirts two months ago and saw one that said Mormon Archipelago. Googled it and stumbled across ldsblogs.org, saw your site on the sidebar along with T&S, LDS LF, etc

2. Read posts when I have time.

3. Active LDS, senior at U of U, moving to Austin, TX with my wonderful pregnant wife after graduation.

4. I've enjoyed the frank discussions and general tone. Nice to see many thought-provoking topics!

Found this one through ldsblogs, which I check when I get some free time.
I'm practicing LDS, actually on a service mission, live in SLC for now, but I've lived throughout the U.S., Europe (8 years) and Asia.
Your blog has an enjoyable tone to it.

Glad you enjoy my posts, Jonathan. I hope your service mission is a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

1. I found the site through T&S.

2. I pay most attention to the Mormon history posts, though I glance at everything.

3. I serve as the teacher's quorum advisor in my ward. Anyone who doesn't believe would never be willing to do that.

4. The site has one of most sophisticated designs of any I have seen. Does that mean Dave is a Computer Geek?

John, let's just say that Typepad makes me look good, although I will at least take credit for extending the thumbnail book feature in a clever way that I haven't seen anywhere else. If I were a true Geek, it wouldn't have taken me eight months to figure out how to post a banner image.

1) After many years of being told Mormonism is a ‘cult’ by leaders in my church, but never believing them, I thought it wise to learn what Latter-day Saints think about. Blogs seemed to be a good venue for peering into discussions among members of the LDS Church.

2) Variety of postings.

3) Raised in a secular home; Regenerated, convicted, repented and received Christ after reading the New Testament as a teenager; Currently a Baptist in Canada.

4) I enjoy this blog. The posts and subsequent discussions are often edifying, interesting and intelligent. It would serve my church leaders who speak ill of the LDS Church good if they spent time trying to understand their LDS neighbours instead of labeling them a 'cult'. This blog, as well as other LDS blogs, reaffirms my belief that calling the LDS Church a ‘cult’ is uninformed and misguided.

(1) Google search for info about LDS church after seeing Big Love on HBO. I understand the producers of that show are pro-polygamy (I am not) and the characters appear to think they are members of the church which I think must make practicing members sad and maybe frustrated. Oddly enough, watching one episode of that show has me completely facinated with the LDS church, members I know, and the hemline of my skirts. I want to know more! Thank you for your site!
(2) many!
(3) Protestant

Number 50! Huah!

(1) I think it was from the T&S sidebar.

(2) Skim all of them, read about 80%.

(3) Huh. Probably agnostic, though part culturally Mormon (never baptized, though I'm from good pioneer stock).

(4) Dave's blog is great because, IIRC, it was the first blog to give a shout-out to Unofficial Manifesto. I'm surprised any of our readers stuck around, though, given the difference in quality between here and there.

Pris, as I recall what first impressed me about UM was the fancy banner image you used to sport at the old Blogger site, plus I think you were the first of the second-generation group blogs.

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