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(1) Been here since the beginning. I don't even recall anymore how I first found out. Did you mention your blog on a mailing list?

(2) Read all posts, skim those that don't really interest me too much though.

(3) Practicing Mormon.

(4) Can't think of any. Dang it!

Hello Dave - I found your blog via a google search about 18 months ago and have been reading regularly for the past 12 months, enjoying the posts, links and book reviews. I live in Upstate New York, have a Roman Catholic background and a current affiliation with the United Church of Religious Science. Over the past few years my interest in religions indigenous to the Americas has led to much reading about LDS and RLDS (Community of Christ) communities. I appreciate this invitation to your reading public and admire the kind, creative and spirited sensibilities embodied by you and your fellow bloggers. Thus far I have experienced blogging as a reader — this is my first post ever. All the Best...M

Morgan, you might be interested in reading "Mormons and Native Americans," chapter 8 in Arrington's The Mormon Experience , and "Indians: Friendship and Caution," chapter 13 in Arrington's Brigham Young: American Moses. Both books are on my left sidebar.

DMI was the first mormon-themed blog I encountered. The first post I read was My Approach to Blogging. I’ve checked in at least weekly ever since then. I really like DMI because of your opinions and tone. I tend to read the historical posts and any post that aims BYU or the Daily Universe! I shy away from your book reviews. (You are way too smart for me.)

I’m a practicing Mormon from Portland, Oregon. Thanks for this blog, Dave! I hope you reach 1,000 comments.

I'm an iron rod Mormon from Ketchikan, Alaska. And I read your blog because you are one of the founders of the Mormon Archipelago which lists my blog, The Iron Rod. I love the Church more than anything in this life and believe that its prophets are the mouthpiece of God. Keep up the great work on this blog.

Don't give an inch to all those who are dissident, apostate, disgruntled, disaffected, and working to destroy the work of Jesus Christ in this world which work is done primarily in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Only believers accomplish anything that lasts. Doubters pass into the obscurity of man-made history.

1. Came to the site via Snarkernacle link.
2. I've previously read your reviews of Mormon Enigma and others...
3. Life long, temple married Mormon-- haven't been a true believer for about 15 years now. Consider myself a cultural Mormon but really more of a secular humanist agnostic.
4. --

Dave, I enjoy most of your posts and agree with most of them.

I was raised LDS and was very involved, but have been less active lately. But I maintain an interest in Mormon stuff.

I found your site through a link from T&S, probably 1 1/2 years ago (end of 2004).

I think you do a great job with this site.

1) Followed a link from By Common Consent while trying to find the best 'Mormon Blogs'.

2) I kept coming back to read your book reviews (church history specifically). I went through a phase where I wanted to be a church history buff, but after reading a few books realized I didn't have the time to get to everything I wanted to, so that's on hold. I still visit weekly and try to read all of your posts.

3) Practicing/Believing Mormon.

4) I'm 26 and a first year law student. I recently became interested in what members of the church had to say about the church when they weren't in church. I read lots of random 'mormon' blogs and enjoy comparing the differing approaches of those who 'question/analyze' and those who 'criticize'. I've never posted to a blog before. I prefer to sit back and watch from a distance.

Keep up the good work. Your site is one of the few I check on a consistent basis.

Thanks, Hero. The distinction between discussing, analyzing, questioning, and criticizing can be tricky. Some don't see any difference between them at all, but I believe we can have honest dialogue and useful discussion about open historical and doctrinal questions without veering off into unfair criticism.

Hi, Dave. I've been commenting here on and off for probably a year or two.

(1) Probably T&S, but I can't honestly remember
(2) whatever takes my fancy
(3) British Mormon in Baltimore, Md.
(4) When United Brethren made Dave's Top Twelve it was like being welcomed into the club. Cheers, mate!

Hi Dave,

I've been visiting on and off for a few years. Your blogs seem to resonate with me. I'm an active Mormon who has recently begun to challenge my own beliefs and explore what thoughts are out there.

Ryan, this seems like a nice place to do some exploring. If you want to float a question for the 'nacle, send me an email (top of right sidebar) and I'll post a Viewer Mail piece.

Followed a link from a friend's blog - you are at the top of his favorites list. Non-practicing Mormon.

(1) T&S link, Jan 2006 (or so)
(2) Reviews; topics that tickle the fancy
(3) Practicing Mormon
(4) 62 is an eban number; it is also the second-half of a Maris-McGwire-Sosa pair. I hope I get this posted before I become #63.

(1) In early 2004 I went actively looking for Mormon blogs when I was starting to blog. Found you.
(2) I tend to skim many posts I find on MA, but DMI is on my RSS reader and so I read every post. I don't always read the comments. I don't comment often since I usually read the posts after the conversation has died down.
(3) Active Mormon
(4) Thanks for writing, Dave!

Nice post, Dave. Let's see:

1. I was one of your early early readers, way back in the day of Radio.Blogs or whatever it was called. Your early persona was pretty cryptic, too -- I remember discussing with Nate Oman (in pre-T&S days) whether you were Mo or ex-Mo.

I think I found you on a link from Nate's Good Oman blog, or Dustin's Legal Guy, or Metaphysical Elders. You had the ultimate street cred as the original Mormon blogger; I remember feeling that T&S had truly made an impact, when you singled us out for recognition.

2. All, pretty much. But you knew that by now.

3. Hah! Um, it's complicated.

Okay, it's not really _that_ complicated: Mormon, practicing, and figuring out in fits and starts where my own path lies, and how my ideas and experiences (imperfectly) mesh together.

4. I like your book lists; I find your comment queue feature to be weird; I think you do a really good job of navigating Scylla and Charybdis here.

Also, I agree with Nate that the tattoos have to go -- haven't you seen the recent Children's Friend on tattoos? -- and I should let you know that I'm planning on eventually forgiving you for briefly Box-2-ing T&S on the DMI sidebar, a year or so ago. (Forgiveness is scheduled to take place after the first resurrection, but before the second.)

(And by the way, 64 is a square and also a Crayola number -- which makes it really cool -- but I've probably spent too long typing this, and I'll be 65. Ugh. Nothing really to recommend that one, except Social Security. Maybe I should wait and try to hit 66 instead -- at least that one has the dignity of being 2/3 of the number of the beast.)

Kaimi, 64 is now your permanent DMI Number; wear it proudly.

1. I first came here when Steve Evans told me he had convinced a legendary blogger to guest blog on a blog he and I started together that was in dire need of more credibility (and I still really appreciate it).

2. I'd read all the posts if I had unlimited time, but I read the one's with titles that catch my eye.

3. I'm an active and believing Mormon.

4. Keep up the good work.

Alright Dave I'll play along.

1)T&S was my first Mormon blog (Summer/Fall of '04) -- yours and the others followed (as did mine).
2)About your posts -- I pretty much read 'em all and comment occasionally. As a fellow MA Matey I sort of got in the habit of doing so more than a year ago I guess.
3) I'm a Morm and mighty proud of it.
4) I'm stoked to see in these comments how many people dig our MA portal (aka ldsblogs.org).

(1) I... have no idea. Probably one of my "oh, that's an interesting blog name, I wonder what's there" blog-hopping evenings. Today, I came here because T&S linked to you.

(2) Anything T&S links to, plus anything that cathes my eye once I'm done commenting on the post they linked to.

(3) I am a Primary (CTR-8A) teacher, Young Single Adult Representative, and lapsed member of my ward's Relief Society. ^_^

(4) I don't think you're going to get to 1000 for a while, unless people start repeating themselves or you get struck by a spam-bot. Also, if anyone has any good ideas for YSA activities that are actually allowed and also work, please drop by my blog or send me an email. I came up with a bunch of ideas on Sunday night, then went and printed out every article on YSA (going back to 1978) that I could find, and... all of the ideas I came up with were already in the Ensign/New Era, and there weren't any new ideas that I hadn't thought of. As gratifying as it is to discover how in-tune I am with the LDS vision of YSA, I can't help but feel a slight sense of despair... by the way, I have a vague warm and fuzzy feeling about this blog, but I can't quite remember any particular posts that make me like it. You can count yourself with the "Various Stages of Mormonism" blog on that score. ^_^

1. I followed the T&S link.

2. I read the ones Kaimi links. Sorry, you're not one of my regular blogs. (That's pretty much Mommy Wars, FMH, Tales, and T&S).

3. I'm a Mormon mother. :)

4. Did you really slay a thousand commenters with the jawbone of an ass, or did my husband just want to use an inappropriate word legally? (He likes to talk out of of his . . . )

Mardell, since the T&S link sends hundreds, yea thousands of loyal T&S bloggers to my site, he can use whatever words he wants to.

1) What brought me here: I followed a link under "Notes from All Over" on T&S to this thread.

2) What posts I read: The blogs I mostly read are T&S, Millennial Star, Mormanity.

I like posts that are supportive of the scriptures, apologetics, and faith-promoting. I especially seek those that help to resolve conflicts and friction in human interactions within the church, and seemingly doctrinal incongruencies.

3) Religious affiliation: I'm a church-active ex-member, looking forward to rebaptism. I've had a testimony since 1982. Yes, you can leave the church and turn in your resignation while having a testimony. I was an active member 2 years, went on a mission, got disillusioned and disaffected, and stayed active for only one more year.

4) I have a blog "Flooding the Earth with the Book of Mormon" wherein I document my encounters with immigrants in Central Indiana and giving them copies of the Book of Mormon and Gospel Fundamentals in their native languages.

Bookslinger, your unique BoM site makes me feel like a slacker every time I read it, but I keep coming back. Best of luck with all your projects.

I followed a link here one day, probably from the MA, and I come back infrequently, because I'm a book person, and I like to check in on what you're reading.

I've read a few different posts, but I don't usually comment, because I'm not exactly intellectual, at least not when it comes to Mormonism.

I'm a full believing ex-Catholic - Mormon - Catholic - Mormon- Catholic - Mormon - Catholic Mormon, with Catholic tendancies. I'd like to think it's charming.

I'm interested to see if you'll get 1,000 comments, but even if you don't, it'll be interesting to learn more about people we blog with.

Glad you like the books-on-the-sidebar thing, Crystal. I'll work a little harder at keeping it up to date.

1) I followed the link over from Snarky.
2) I scan the nacle in my office when my schedule allows it. I mostly troll T&S and Mormanity. Some days allow for more scanning than others.
3) Practicing Mormon adult convert. I grew up Catholic.
4) I tend to be pretty orthodox in my beliefs, but I enjoy how the nacle introduces me to other's thoughts.

I'm an active relatively orthodox Mormon feminist introvert with lots of questions and not many answers.

As with the bloggernacle in general, I read whatever catches my eye. I especially love it that you keep up on all of these books. (How do you do it, Dave? Do you sleep??). I appreciate your thoughtful, considered tone.

Thanks, Eve. The books on the sidebar are from about three years of reading, so it is really only one or two books per month. As several people have said nice things about the book lists, I went ahead and put the pre-2006 General Books list back up.

Just linked here from Times & Season's sidebar. As I've been hangin out over there lately.

I'm a Unitarian Universalist by belief, although I've never attended there, as well as a cultural Mo, albeit whose sole period of adult activity was immediately before during and after my mission.

And 73 -- was the summer during high school that I stayed with my Mormon hippie sister and her husband (a "Religious studies" professor-to-be) in a sort of farm house they shared with the Mormon "troubadour" M. Payne and his wife.

1) I found my way into the bloggernacle through T&S, but DMI felt more like home. Today, I came because Snarkette told me to.

2) When I had a better job, I used to read almost every post that appeared on ldsblogs.org. Now that I have to surf on my own dime, I only read posts that grab my eye. (Sorry, Dave.)

3) After years of being an relatively unhappy Mormon, I've finally decided to become a relatively happy non-Mormon.

4) I'll always have a soft spot for DMI, since you were the first to put VivaNedFlanders on your blogroll. On to a thousand!

1) A link from somewhere.
2) Practicing, tr-holding, but fairly heterodox Mormon.
3) Selfish Gene. Thoroughly impressed with Postmodern Mormonism (probably won't contribute myself until this semester ends). Also, nothing like a good discussion on Abortion to bring out the best in civil debate.
4) I've only been reading for a few months now. I've only recently learned to successfully juggle blogging with being a full time grad student (U of Utah, American History) and father of 3, but I'm looking forward to the relaxed schedule I'll have this summer (excluding my 6-week stint at BYU, during which, I suspect, R. Bushman and T. Givens will quietly discover me for the intellectual poseur I am) to get involved at a somewhat deeper level.

Outstanding blog, Dave. Keep it up!

Quite a summer vacation lined up, Brad. At some point, come back and tell us about LDS History Boot Camp.

Mormon, don't remember how I found the site.

I am active LDS and have been stopping by now and then for the past few months. I can't remember how I first found this site, but now have it set as a feed on my google mail. I read whatever catches my interest. I enjoy most posts, but don't agree with everything.

Fortunately, Christina, agreement is not required for enjoyment. I actually try to stay more or less neutral on most posts, letting opinions one way or the other come out in the comments. And generally there is no shortage of opinions.

Professional academic (History of Religion in America)

Brother of Capt Jack

Practicing Mormon

I found this blog from the T&S link, I think.

Hi Dave-

I somehow ran across Mormanity, which led me to the MA, which led me here.

I've always wanted to thank the MA founders who have stepped up and made Mormon bloggers into a community. So I hope you don't mind if I do that here. Thanks!

Semi-frequent reader, non-believing but still active Mormon. Not sure how I found the blog originally--probably Ann's recommendation.

(Cool idea, but I don't think you're going to make 1000!)

But Abner, I can feel the momentum building already. At 150, the buzz will start. By 500 I'll have reporters calling me up for interviews. Someday you'll be proud to be No. 80 on this thread. BTW, if you Google thousand comments, I'm already at number 4.

(1) Link from Times & Seasons
(2) Just this one
(3) Mormon
(4) I am a big fat nerd.

(1) I found DMI last year through a link from Times&Seasons.

(2) I read about half the postings. One of first that I read was about Evangelicals’ misbehavior at temple open houses and I entered a lengthy comment about my experiences at the Newport Beach Temple’s open house.

(3) I’m a practicing, as far as possible, LDS grateful that the atonement and message of the restored gospel saved my life and healed my soul. I was disfellowshipped 12 years ago and have been awaiting refellowshipment hopefully since.

(4) I’m grateful that the Bloggernacle gives me opportunities to discuss openly and frequently my experiences, insights, and feelings in a broad forum – which my disfellowshipment bars me from doing in regular Church meetings.

Hoping you receive your 1,000th comment soon!

You can tell I'm Mormon by the huge bags under my eyes caused by getting up to get my kids from seminary everyday. It's killing me.

As for the rest, sorry, but I can't remember. Did I mention seminary is killing me?

Great blog though Dave.

Hello Dave,
I have been monitoring your Blog for about 6 months now through Bloglines. I like to get different perspectives on the LDS church and current events. I subscribe to Ensign and Sunstone magazines. I am a former Mormon - now Catholic. My Web site is here. I am always open to honest, courteous, and sincere dialogue on the similarities and differences between the LDS and Catholic beliefs. Unfortunately I've had a few run-ins with former Catholic, now anti-Catholic, LDS members. Keep up the good work!

Thanks, Steve. I am pleasantly surprised by how many readers have indicated Catholic ties or backgrounds. I'll try bringing in more Catholic themes in future posts.

I'm Jeff Lindsay, and I'm here to express outrage or support for whatever was said about abortion, evolution, feminism, homosexuality, Iran and Iraq, racism, polygamy, allegations about Church leaders and grievances due to cell phones, PDAs, and iPods in sacrament meetings, since I figure this thread must be about all those to get over 1000 hits.

So, to cut to the chase, I'm outraged and very supportive.

Thanks for signing in, Jeff. You're a mean green blogging machine.

I came across this site from a link at T&S and visit occasionally.
I read whatever catches my attention for as long as time permits.
I am a practicing Mormon.
I lurk on the bloggernacle without commenting but couldn't resist your effort to get 1000 comments. Good luck!

It's about time I came over and joined this thread. I first found your site when you were back at the radio weblog site, in the days when Times and Seasons was on Blogger. What, like two and a half years ago? But I digress. . .

This has always been one of my favorite blogs, and you, Dave, one of my favorite blogging personalities.

I'm a practicing Mormon, and um, yeah. I like pizza, my favorite color is black. . .

Wow, I didn't know I was a "blogging personality," Logan. Maybe I should start doing a podcast show ...

Looks like it's been a few days since the last comment, so I'm probably late as usual. I'm a practicing Catholic, convert from Protestantism, but I live in an area of Washington with a sizable Mormon population. I also find the LDS Church fascinating as a historical phenomenon, and the theology is complex and fascinating as well.

In fact, I became a Catholic after examining LDS teaching and finding that, while it's clearly not the Ed Decker caricature I had been told it was, I still couldn't accept certain aspects of it as divine truth. Unfortunately, the same problems I had with Mormonism, I found also applied to Protestantism. (I love telling Evangelicals that and watching them turn delightful shades of purple.) :)

Thanks for signing in, Joel. I'll be watching for your autobiography, My Long and Winding Road to Catholicism.

Fun idea!

I'm an on-again, off-again Bloggernacle reader and sometime participant. I'm currently an active, going-to-church Mormon, though that waxes and wanes a bit. I'm not sure how I originally got here, but I like the thoughtful tone. I usually read what catches my eye, though when I'm procrastinating I'm more likely to read anything available. ;)

Lynette, it's great that your on-again, off-again blog Zelophedad's Daughters is on again. Welcome back!

(1) I first came to DMI (either through a reference from another LDS blog or Google) because I was interested in LDS topics that aren't typically discussed at Church.
(2) I read any of the posts that sound interesting. Unfortunately, I don't spend as much time as I would like browsing and keeping up with the posts.
(3) Practicing Mormon.
(4) This is my virgin post to this blog. I am usually content to just read what Dave says and sometimes what others have replied. DMI is the only LDS blog I frequent because the information has been reliable and the informer credible and sincere. Thanks Dave for offering a forum for the discussion of important issues that in the end strenghten my beliefs and my commitment to the gospel.

-ed (vancouver, usa)

1)I can't remember how I tumbled to DMI, probably via T&S, like everything else back in The Beginning.
I visited this time, though, cause I wanted to be post #100. Guess I'll have to just settle.

2) I tend to read whatever goes up, but mostly the historical and book posts.

3) I'm an active, believing, and (I think)decently well-informed Mormon. My impression lately is that the 'naccle is slowing down a bit, both in new blogs and output of established blogs.

(1) I found T&S weeks after its inception in 2003; there I learned of your status as a b'nacle founding father
(2) I am an ocassional reader; particularly like book reviews
(3) Mormon (by belief, practice, culture, imagination, and so forth)


There's my post. Back to the dissertation....

I came to this website from the Feminist Mormon Housewives blog, although I am neither Mormon nor a housewife.

This is my first visit to the site.

I am a 22-year-old ex-Mormon, and right now I am in the process of writing a paper about the problems with Mormonism and why I will never go back (it's 60 pages so far). I spend a lot of time reading both Mormon and anti-Mormon perspectives, and I found this site to be very useful. I will probably be back.

Ne dis jamais jamais, j. Come back anytime.

I can't remember how I found you--most likely from one of the other mega-sites (T&S or BCC, but maybe from the Archipelago via Splendid Sun or Mormon Wasp...)

I've got you bookmarked, and check in every couple of days. Usually I click through to your book reviews, but have been known to read other stuff!

I'm a practicing Mormon.

1. I'm a practicing mormon.
2. I graduated from BYU as a bachelor (and considered asking for a tuition reimbursement due to the fact).
3. I found your blog on one of the aggregators.
4. I like string cheese.

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