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Very interesting, thank you.

Two recently released books (well, one rereleased) that I will be soon reviewing are quite pertinant to this discussion. I would recommend them both:

Mormon Resistance: A Documentary Account of the Utah Expedition, 1857–1858

God's Country, Uncle Sam's Land:
Faith and Conflict in the American West

Very interesting Dave. BTW - are you really reading that Derrida book on 9/11? It's kind of advanced if you aren't familiar with Derrida. Without a lot of background most of what he says will sound like complete nonsense.

Yup, I'm really reading it, and I'll post on it sometime next week. The author prints the two dialogues — one with Habermas and one with Derrida — but also provides an interpretive essay following each dialogue providing context and explanation, as well as an introductory essay that does more of the same. It's the kind of book I'm sure you would enjoy, Clark.

You know, the 222nd here has an interesting history as well. They were in Korea and fought hard, but not one was killed. My bishop actually was in the 222nd (not during that war, he's young) and he made a really nice movie about them.

They're in Iraq now, I think they're in Ramadi. A lot of our friends are there. We of course pray for their safety. And I, knowing them, think the people of Iraq are lucky to have such good men on their side.

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