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"Dearth of women's voices?" Huh? One of the very best things about the bloggernacle, IMO, is that there are so many intelligent, interesting women with diverse points of view, and they have just as much influence and power here as the men do. I'd like to see anybody go Melchizedek on Julie Smith or annegb and get away with it. There are plenty of women here, and they are every bit as respected and powerful as the men. So there.

Ann: The phrase was "the dearth of women's voices *in the Church*" -- not on the web (thank goodness) :)

Never mind...

Ann, to be fair, a speaker actually did comment on the fact that only about 20% of the LDS bloggers are women. But since anyone who wants to can get in the game (at zero cost!), I think that's just self-selection. There are certainly women's voices in the B'nacle, and there is no shortage of female readers and commenters either.

(Ann -- speaking of women's voices, I *loved* your recent essay on Ned's blog and am thrilled you will be contributing there on a regular basis.)

There _are_ more LDS men blogging than there are women. However, that's rapidly changing. In the time between when Caroline did her survey (in March of this year) and when we presented at Sunstone, the numbers of ladybloggers had mushroomed. Also, there have been many more women's voices added into the mix at the most popular (formerly male-dominated) Moblogs.

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