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(2) the non-state terrorist organization model has proved a successful mode of resisting Israel

"Resisting Israel" seems to be an apologetic way of characterizing the actual goals of these groups. A more honest characterization would have been "injuring Israel" (however minor that injury might be).

Great summary, Dave, looks like a worthy read.

I made a post several days ago advocating the works of Bernard Lewis and Daniel Pipes.

great and useful review -- thanks

Paul, maybe a better way for me to have phrased it would have been, "The non-state terrorist model has proven to be an effective vehicle for those who see themselves as resisting Israel." The mindset is so entrenched that targeting buses with women and children for suicide bomber attacks is defined as "resisting Israel," but the real point of my comment was that the non-state groups have been effective.

That might be contrasted with the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), which is being viewed (by Israelis) is quite ineffective in the recent Hezbollah War. See this story (among hundreds), where IDF soldiers are quoted as saying their reserve units hadn't trained in two years; that supply snafus were so bad many units lacked food and water to go into combat with; and that given what little Israel achieved, the war was fought for nothing.

One thing worth remembering: from the Israeli point of view, the causus belli of the 1956 Sinai Campaign had relatively little to do with Nasser's nationalization of the Suez Canal, and very much to do with Egypt's blockade of the Israeli port of Eliat, cutting off all Israeli traffic to the Indian Ocean. A sea blockade is an adequate casus belli under any conditions, so it is a little misleading to state that the Israelis started the 1956 War, even though they did indeed invade the Sinai in response (cf. Moshe Dayan, Diary of the Sinai Campaign, 1979).

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