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It seems that in light of recent events the issue is less the dominance of Arabs in the Islamic world but the shift in Islam towards Assyria and even further east. It's hard not to take Iran as the current power broker, although I think George Bush helped them obtain that by his incompetence.

Thank you for this post. I look forward to future parts.

The historian Niall Ferguson said that there are three factors which combine to create a region of terrible violence:

1) an ethnically diverse population (no matter how well-integrated they may be),

2) wildly unstable economies (where the market fluctuates up and down unpredictably),

3) a place where an empire is in decline.

Great post, Dave. A new name was given to this war: The Long War.

This protracted war will stay with us until the Second Coming. IMHO, it is only going to get worse.

Only moderate Muslims can turn the tide, but while the effort is a worthy one, I am inclided to believe such efforts are too little too late. See my post Not a Clash of Civilizations.

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