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While I think that's true as far as it goes, I also think that the Romney campaign and the public reaction to it will demonstrate a lot about the public acceptance and tolerance of Mormons. Not having read the comments in question it is hard to say.

But to me it would be no more significant than Catholics seeing reaction to JFK as having a significant relation to American views of Catholics or if, as I hope one day, a black or a woman running will reflect on race or gender politics.

So getting upset that some Mormons notice such things seems a bit silly.

BTW - I couldn't tell. Was the author a Mormon? It sometimes sounded like that.

Yes, there are two permabloggers at Article VI. One of them is LDS, the one who wrote the Romney post. If you click on "About Lowell" there's a short bio.

Couldn't agree more. I may vote for Romney (dunno, still deciding) but it's NOT going to be because he is a mormon. When I was a youth, one of the gospel doctrine teachers passed out political campaign fliers during a sunday school lesson to promote one of the candidates for presidency because "he was LDS." he thought that the fact that the candidate was LDS made it OK to pass them out during church meetings.

Even as an 8 yr old, listening to my mom rant about it, I understood the illogic of this.

Hello, gang, I'm Lowell Brown, one of the two authors of Article 6 Blog. I'm the Mormon half. My co-blogger is Presbyterian and an evangelical Christian. If you go to the blog and click "About Article 6 Blog," you'll get the history of the blog and why we are doing it.

To understand my excerpted comment above I think you need to read the entire post. I was writing in response to a suggestion that monolithic Mormonism would try to claim legitimacy for our faith and church simply because of Mitt Romney's success as a presidential candidate. My point (and it was a subtle idea-- I'm not sure how well I made it) was that there are lots of different kinds of Mormons in the world, with many different views. The point of view I was criticizing is the defensive one. I don't think Mormons should be defensive. But I am prepared to hear criticisms of that view -- and I hope I won't be defensive! ;-)

If you want to submit questions or comments to our blog, we'd dearly love to have them. We really need feedback and topic ideas to generate a good discussion. Just click on the "Ask Questions" button.

Lowell Brown

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