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To break it down further, after the establishment of branches, wards and stakes, the church pretty much abandoned the inner cities, closing the inner-city chapels, and only building chapels in suburban or semi-rural areas.

My impression is that this corresponded to the "white flight" from cities, and the church merely responded by building chapels were the members were. I believe the church is led by revelation, so I also believe that the chapels were built pretty much where the Lord wanted them built, too.

In Indianapolis, a city chapel built in the 40's was later abandoned (I forget what year, at least by the early 60's) when the area around it became a high crime ghetto.

In 1960's the stake center was built in the southern suburbs, outside of the Interstate that loops around the city, but still in the county.

It wasn't until 2002, almost 40 years, that another chapel was built within the county containing Indianapolis. All chapels in the intervening years, 6 others, were built outside the county.

The in-town chapel built in 2002 was put pretty much on a boundary line between "downtown" and an economically distressed area. In early 2006, a second in-town chapel was built, replacing a rented office/warehouse location, but also in a distressed area.

So you could further explain that the church went to the cities, but then abandoned the cities (at least in terms of chapel construction) by building in the suburbs, and is just recently coming back to the inner-cities.

If my belief is correct, that the church's strongest growth is in the middle-class, then these shifts in building strategies correspond to the church's growth profile.

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