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I didn't throw in a Mo-app paragraph. If you need one, I suppose you can reflect on how the military dynamic unleashed by the Peloponnesian War culminated two generations later in Philip of Macedon and his son Alexander. Alexander swept across the Near East, smashing Persia, the arch-enemy of the Greek world and, conincidentally, the imperial overlord of Judea. This resulted in Greek culture and rule falling over Judea.

The mix of Jewish religion and Greek culture then dominates the intertestamental Israelite writings and sets the stage for the world of the New Testament and the early Church: Roman power, Greek culture, Jewish religion. All because Athens unwisely recalled Alcibiades from Sicily.

Thanks for the review, Dave. I watched an interesting Book TV show last fall featuring Hanson discussing the same book. It's on my list of books to read.

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