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Great comments. Thanks for the note.

I think that The End of Faith is comparable to the Da Vinci Code--both are sensationalist, poorly written, fail to cite convincing evidence (except to the already convinced), but both touch on larger issues that perhaps haven't been able to connect with the public imagination in quite the same way.

I am glad that Harris is popular enough that his concerns are being discussed on blogs, on the radio, in major newspapers. I am convinced enough by his polemic to begin thinking about the protective shield civil society places around the most cherished beliefs and to wonder if the silence of religious moderates isn't harmful to nation/world.

John R, I actually haven't read or seen The DaVinci Code yet, but as a work of fiction I'd be inclined to give it some slack. Besides, it has employed dozens of Christian authors who have written their own book-length responses to the book. From a sales standpoint, it might be the best thing that's ever happened to Christian publishing.

and a writer grows in Brooklyn...wow, so you really didn't like this one?

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