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And I'm still waiting for some of that inescapable "liberalizing" to kick in. I still see religious conservatives and liberals; feminists and traditionalists. Maybe it appears differently to someone who isn't a regular participant.

You didn't mention which blog was specifically mentioned...!

Dave, I'm with you that blogging ain't scholarly (per se). I hope the young Mormon intellectuals who waste their days on the blogs also devote some attention to real scholarship!

Is Dialogue really in financial trouble? If Dialogue left, what would we be left with? The Bloggernackle is nice, but it ain't no Dialogue.

I agree with Jared, the Bloggernackle cannot replace Dialogue. If Dialogue were to die because the next generation is blogging that would be sad. Actually, I am surprised the 'nackle doesn't provide a lot of good advertisement for Dialogue. It seems to me that lots of average people like me are exposed to a more scholarly approach on many of the blogs.

"Actually, I am surprised the 'nackle doesn't provide a lot of good advertisement for Dialogue."

Umm. BCC is the online version of Dialogue.

I'd disagree somewhat. While a lot, definitely the majority, of blogging is kind of fluffy, I also think a lot of people partially develop their ideas for papers here. Blogging helps develop that dialogical nature that is so helpful.

The downside to blogs is the expectation of a few posts a week which, in hindsight, helps contribute to the superficial nature of blogs. But there have been some excellent posts.

The other problem is that not every idea really deserves a full paper. Blogs are excellent for that.

Clark's right. I've tested some ideas on the blogs that are now becoming articles.

Does this mean I'm a Sunstone guy?


Exactly my point. The quote from Peterson seems to be implying that people are going to the blogs instead of to Dialogue. I would think that BCC, along with many other blogs, would increase the interest in the paper version of Dialogue, rather than detracting from it.

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