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And if you're a Band of Brothers fan, notice that the Wikipedia entry states that Spielberg and Hanks are working on a companion miniseries to feature action in the Pacific Theater of Operations. The target date is 2009.

And here's the IMDB link to the new project, tentatively titled "The Pacific War."

Tangential, but RE: Band of Brothers, Would you consider it in or out of bounds for a no 'R' family?

Well, certainly not for kids. It was very graphic in terms of some of the combat scenes and maybe (?) language. I'm no film guy, but it seems like they shot it with high-speed film that gave the fast-moving combat scenes a real crispness and edginess.

Dave, I thought the same thing when I read Nibley's biography by his son. Of course, I have no way of knowing--but perhaps some of Bro. Nibley's anti-war outlook later in life developed from his experiences on D-Day.

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