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What do people think about the Christus being the de facto symbol of the Church? Personally, I think we should go for the all-seeing eye.

Check out the one-dollar bill, Ronan. I think the all-seeying eye, the pyramid, and the eagle are already taken. I'm surprised Ronan the Euro-Brit would suggest a symbol that shows on US currency. I'm quite happy with the Christus.

If TTTF is now the official source for doctrine, this confirms my belief that Mormon doctrine is shrinking.


I'm insulted. I'm a Brit, not a Euro. We've fought wars to preserve that difference....

But seriously, there's a whole article to be written on the Christus. Most religions have a symbol. We used to have our own Mormon symbols (temple-masonic stuff, Moroni-with-trumpet etc.) but now we've settled for a statue not even made by a Mormon. I have nothing against that, it's just interesting and so very deep, man.

Oh, and Dave, bring back the TTTF posts.

Ed, I think it's correct that official Mormon doctrine has shrunk a fair amount. [It's also true that Protestant doctrine has shrunk, I think.]

Ronan: as you wish.

Wasn't the whole point of Protestantism about shrinking doctrine?

BTW - hasn't this beta been out a long time now? I think I'd switched my links quite some time ago. I know I've been doing my scripture search off the beta for months.

I think you're right, Clark, but I also think they're phasing in more beta units as time passes. This is the first time I've really played around with the beta pages.

Ronan, totally all-seeing eye. Or maybe a compass with a "G" in it. Oh wait, that's already taken. Maybe a compass with an "M" in it?

The "Gospel Topics" section has no entry for polygamy. I'm bummed.

I thought Encyclopedia of Mormonism was the official "response" (counter-response?) to MD. I can't recall where I read that -- was it a footnote in a Mike Quinn book maybe? EM is kind of lame though, especially in its attempt to replicate the formatting and typeset of Anchor Bible Dictionary.

David J, The Gospel Topics section (equivalent to TTTF) has no entry for polygamy or plural marriage or even celestial marriage, but does have an entry for "Marriage."

I think the Encyclopedia of Mormonism is a semi-official response in the sense that there was some participation by individual General Authorities, but it was not reviewed by any LDS reading committee nor published by the Church. The articles are signed by individual scholars, who therefore take primary responsibility for the content. Some articles are better than others.

What EOM does accomplish is putting informed commentary on almost all topics with references to the Mormon Studies literature into a single work that is widely accessible. It gives researchers and writers something to cite to besides Mormon Doctrine.

...but still not as good as a monograph. Alas, encyclopedias almost always fall short. Speaking of which, wouldn't a LDS wikipedia be helpful?

David, there are several wikis being worked on. But they take a tremendous amount of time. The main wikipedia has a surprising amount of LDS articles.

The problem with TTTF is that it is fairly limited in topics.

Polygamy isn't listed under the topics. It doesn't return any hits when searched for under the "Answers to questions" section either.

The same thing is true of the Book of Abraham.

Eternal life is listed but none of the references to it discuss Deification.

Topics like "The Cross" and "Grace" are listed in the index and referenced in ways that are sensitive to potential friction between LDS and mainstream Christianity.

It appears that the doctrine is shrinking in a direction of higher compatibility with mainstream U.S. Christianity.

It is also interesting to note that there is a topic on church finances.

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