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Here is an online reference which explores some of the same material.

Thanks, Matt, that's a nice resource. I have not read Stark's earlier book The Rise of Christianity, but it sounds like his latest book mostly rehashes that earlier book.

Stark is kind of like Covey in that way, I guess. He has found the things he can sell, and he repackages them every now and again.

Not that there is anything wrong with that. The data is still relevant and solid.

Here's a review of "The Rise of Mormonism" from the SL Trib (sorry about the website itself, which looks a bit sketchy):


Dave, just popping in here for a moment. I liked Stark for treating Gnosticism and Jesus Seminar for what it is . . . skeptical, dubious attack on Scripture.

The Christian growth charts were fascinating . . . and the brief references to Mormonism.

Dave, I have sincere questions. Why is the current LDS growth rate greater in some place like Africa than America? I would think that there is more cultural continuity here. Will this influence LDS eschatology concerning where there should be massive regathering?

Have a good day. Thanks for the post on this book.

(btw, I think I will have something small posted tomorrow for LDS and evangelicals on cult personality. The focus must be Christ.)

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