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John Pratt just sort of makes me sad.

Well, his bio says he has a PhD in astronomy, so he undoubtedly knows a lot about the subject. He just puts the pieces together a little differently than I do.

Oh yeah, hokey is better.

It seems to me that if you believe that God can communicate with man, such as through promptings, then you have to allow for some synchronicity. Certainly it is easy to justify coincidences in retrospect, and then there is confirmation bias, and so forth...

As if on cue, FMH posted on the same topic: Natural Disasters - God's Punishment? Could this be ... synchronicity?

If synchronicity is "meaningful coincidence," where does the "meaning" come from? I know people who are really into tarot cards and I Ching, and they make all kinds of connections between the apparent randomness of the cards/sticks and life events.

Humans are very good at finding patterns, and I suspect that they tend to find the meanings that reinforce their particular approach to the world. To Mormons, the destruction of the original dome on the St. George Temple (by lighting) reinforced Brigham Young's prophetic mantle; to anti-Mormon Evangelicals, the lightning strike on the Moroni on the San Diego temple was a sign of God's denunciation of the Mormons.

John, I tried to find an article online giving details of the alleged San Diego Temple lightning strike -- the closest I could come was this interesting essay noting that the Moroni spire atop the temple incorporates a lightning rod. The essay, which appears to be written by a UCSD architecture student, compares the architecture and design of the San Diego Temple to the cathedral at Chartres.

Lightning did put the Moroni on top of the Mt. Timpanogos temple out of action back in 01 or 02. I remember seeing a picture of the replacement one being put on in the Church News (back when that was the only way of getting info as a missionary in Brazil.)

I used to be one of those who went gaga over every little coincidence--believing that god was checking me every step of the way. Fortunately I've learned to see how miserable that kind of mysticism can be.


There are some things I wonder at. For example--as it relates to astronomy--what of the apparent size of the sun and moon from our vantage point? They are the same size in the siderial heavens. Coincidence? Perhaps, but I'm certanly open to the idea "signs" when something so unlikely occures on such a grand scale.

It seems to me that signs may be in place but ineffective until they are recognized as such by the eye of faith.

Hmmmm...I can't find an article about the lightning, but Jana and I were involved in the SD temple dedication and remember the story going around at the time (from both the LDS and anti-Mormon perspectives). We heard that the incident was why the lightning rod was added to the rebuilt Moroni.

This has been mulling around in the back of my head, and Synchronocity, as interpreted as being the rigth person, in the right place, at the right time, makes a lot of sense in many miracle accounts.

I just don't know if I am willing to extend it to "Uranus testifies of Christ."

Matt W.,

Nor would I extend it to "a black hole..."

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