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THe side bar full of accounting books is somewhat bizarre... It really threw me off as I tried to figure out the relationship to Mormonism these books had.

I guess the Amazon algorithm thinks there are lots of Mormon accountants!

I added a page on Sociology of Mormonism this morning. This seems to be a hot field at the moment.

I've got the Jesus Christ and the World of the New Testament book and its been a pretty decent resource to supplement the Sunday School manual for my SS lessons.

Matt, I'd agree it's a very nice resource. No real surprises in the material (basic Introduction to the New Testament stuff) except that a good chunk of it would never get through Correlation. When material published by Deseret Book (!!) is "too hot to handle," it's obvious that Correlation has run amok.

I wish it would site it's sources. What recent scholarship says Herod "only killed" 10 or 20 babies?

Dave, what evidence do you have that correlation would be against it?

Matt, not a signed letter from the Guru of Correlation, just my sense from reading a couple of the chapters. One sees material one would never find in a manual or CES publication, such as the statement that Paul didn't write many of the "Pauline" epistles (generally preceeded by the formulaic phrase, "many scholars believe that ...").

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