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The index card comes from Indexed, a blog that's nothing but witty diagrams and math equations drawn on index cards. The specific card you've mentioned is from a post on January 29, 2007 called "We're all going to hell". Clever, indeed.

Yes, Indexed is a clever site. And you have to admire anyone who can make the seven deadly sins funny.

Speaking of making the seven deadly sins funny, in college our dorm had a Seven Deadly Sins party. The idea was that seven rooms in the dorm would each have a table and a serve a drink representing one of the deadly sins at their door. So for lust they served sex on the beach and so forth.

Of course the dorm had to also offer a non-alcoholic alternative so my roommate and I hosted the Heaven room in which we served a variety of fruit juices, smoothies, and fancy soft drinks.

We dressed in white shirts and ties and played Cadillac of the Skies on the stereo. We didn't bother to explain why that was funny.

In any case, I had one too many yogurt pretzels and ended up vomitting off my balcony. I was the only person to throw up at the party, as host of the heaven room. I guess it was really a second gluttony room.

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