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I read in the MHA program that a paperback version is coming out this Spring . . .

Thanks, Julie. That is great news. In some ways, Bushman's story of how RSR was received by various groups and commenters is more interesting than the biography itself.

I hadn't heard there was a second printing. The copy you held in your hands last night was bought for $300, but it was purchased from someone who originally bought it for $150 and sold it at a 100% profit. But you may have heard of the second printing for $300 from another source.

I've read that someone is doing a mass-market reprint, presumably for less than $2 a page. I can't remember where I read that at, probably Mormon Library, the Yahoo Group, but possibly at Motley Vision as well.

Matt, thanks for the comment. I amended my comments on a second limited printing pending some sort of confirmation. In any case, it's a mass-market edition that is of real interest.

From what I understand, Kofford Books has bought the rights to republish the book. As Julie says, it is supposed to be available at the MHA at the end of May. (I couldn't find mention of this in the MHA program, however, but perhaps I'm looking at something different than Julie.)

It's mentioned on page 2 of the program.

Nice post, Dave. Can you share any details about the lecture?

Justin, I took notes on the presentation and will put up a summary post (on the 1857 Utah War) in a couple of days.

The reference on page 2 of the MHA program is at the bottom of the Kofford Books promotion page (which explains why my earlier text search of the document didn't find it). It claims that a paperback edition of On the Road With Joseph Smith will be out in May 2007. If they send me a review copy, I'll even post a link and comments.

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