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So far, not so good. The poll of Republicans published today in the New York Times shows that about 3/4 of Republicans don't have an opinion about Romney yet. Not a good starting point on visibility. But the worse news is that -- among the 1/4 of Republicans who are political junkies enough to have an opinion on Romney, the negatives are almost as high as the positives. Nobody knows who he is, and the few Republicans who do know about him don't like him very much.

"All religions require a faith in the fantastic and a belief in the unbelievable. If Romney's faith in the Book of Mormon is used as evidence that he is a fool, a new kind of political attack will be legitimized. Christians who believe in the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and the literal truths of Communion will be dismissed out of hand."

Yes exactly. Which is why anti-religious liberals, and perhaps liberal-leaning news outlets, are SIMPLY DYING to see the "Christian Right" mount an attack on Romney.

They're so anxious for the impending religious spat, that they occasionally seem to be egging the participants on. So far, I haven't really seen any notable attacks on Romney's faith from Evangelicals. But that doesn't seem to stop the Boston Globe, the New York Times, and every other reporter from prophesying darkly about the impending rift that is sure to come.

The left is so desperate to see conservative Christians hoisted on their own petard, that they'll probably invent a theological fight if one fails to materialize.

I think Mr. Sampson in the Justice Dept. has just given everyone a nice lesson on how Mormons can NOT be of help in government. He didn't do Romney any favors in the non-Mormon crowd. With the help of conservatives like him, it won't be liberals who are "hoist on their own petard" but vice versa.

Was Mr. Sampson acting at the behest of the First Presidency or something?

I ordered a copy. Hewitt is that rare thing, a party man with wit and intelligence, so I look forward to the book.

The question is whether Hewitt's support of Romney will dry up if Thompson enters the race. (As I think most think at this point he will given dissatisfaction with the candidates)

Clark, I think now that he has written the book, he's more or less committed to Romney. Not that he won't have nice things to say about other Republican candidates, but he can't just do a 180 on Romney and retain his credibility.

So now, Romney has the Swiftboat boys aboard. Everyone assumes that means he is going to go dirty.
How is that going to go down with you Mormon Intellectuals? I shouldn't think it should make you particularly happy.

If it ends up dirty, I don't imagine I will like it much.

We'll see.

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