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I suspect the only Mormons who can really attempt that sort of discussion are those who have taken a graduate degree in religious studies or theology.

Let me be the first, therefore, to announce my disqualification for posting on this thread. I look with great anticipation, however, on seeing the list of the qualified.

Mark, I also pointed out that no blogger (which includes commenters) should be dissuaded from rushing in where angels fear to tread. I was really just hoping to use subtle flattery to lure in a few of those clever FPR permabloggers to comment on the topic.


You suckered me over (perhaps the least clever of the permabloggers), but as I started typing I actually had more to say than I thought, so I started a thread over at FPR http://faithpromotingrumor.wordpress.com/2007/03/27/of-course-mormonism-has-theology/

I will say here however, that equally important for Mormonism is not only engaging contemporary "theologians", but also thinkers of other faiths. I think we've been overly concerned with such a narrow definition of "theology" that what we will end up with, when "theology" is pursued is an insular mode of discourse just slightly less insular than the current discourse already is.

Nice thoughts, SmallAxe. I wouldn't object if you added a link back to this post to your FPR post.

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