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DMI looks good. I think the lack of google ads cleans it up a great deal. I'm sure there was some monetary reward for them; but, from a reader's standpoint I like the look much better without them. Blogs I visit that have them, are much "too busy" with all that eye clutter.

I like the Snap previews as well. It's interesting to see the site before you click on it. Is is truly functional--who knows? WordPress has had the feature for a couple of months now, I think. Speaking of which, I thought I recalled reading over here that at one time you were considering a move from Typepad over to WordPress.

Thanks for the links to the new blogs. One of the things I always appreciated was your willingness to give some "blog time" to the newer LDS blogs as they came on line. I know it does help generate traffic.

I'll have to look around at the changes you've made.

In regards to Snap Previews ... I had them on Blognitive Dissonance for awhile but decided it was best not to have, basically for two reasons:

a) it doesn't always work immediately (it has to load the image if it hasn't gone there before)

b) a lot of people don't seem to like them. Lorelle, a blogger I've come to respect quite a bit, wrote a post on the subject here.

Alright, I edited the Snap script (following the explanations given in the FAQ on the Snap site) to eliminate the search box and so there are no pop-ups for sidebar links, only for the center column. Snap already suppresses pop-ups for internal links (to other pages at my site).

I like the Snap previews for two reasons: (1) it protects the reader against blind links (the infamous here link), and (2) it supports and exploits the visuality of the targeted web page. People put a lot of time into making their sites visually appealing -- why not let that enhance my links to their page?

Speaking of new Mormon blogs, there's a brand-new group/community blog that has just started up today: Main Street Plaza.

I'm not sure whether you'd be willing to include this one in your new LDS blogs section since it's primarily oriented towards (non-believer) cultural Mormons. But one of the objects of this new blog is to try to find common ground across the belief spectrum and to promote constructive dialog on items of common interest.

We'd really appreciate it if you would consider linking, thanks!! :D

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