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BTW - Dave you have those annoying pop up previews of what the web page you link to looks like. Any chance of turning them off? Personally I think whomever invented them and made them standard on so many blogs deserves a special spot on one of the levels of Dante's inferno.

Yes Clark, it's one of my new upgrades. Like it? It doesn't flash for internal links or sidebar links, only center column links. If, after a couple of weeks, the general opinion is against it, I'll drop it. It only flashes when you hover the link, you know.

Yes, but it flashes as you click on the link. So mine's a big vote against it.

That's true, Clark. Maybe Snap will force us into becoming either fast clickers (who beat the flash) or slow clickers (who linger to view the pop-up before deciding whether to follow the link). This should diminish the "blind link." As you dislike site pop-ups, I detest blind links.

Actually, I have no idea what you guys are talking about.

I have Firefox 2.0 on my Mac and installed the plugin "No Script." So I never see any of this stuff. No pop ups, no ads, nothing - unless I specifically choose to enable it.

Dave's blog looks same as always to me.

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