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I saw one part of it in a hotel in NYC while travelling for work. It made for interesting viewing and I wanted to see the rest but was unable to do so. Interesting application there. Thanks.

I recall remarks made ten years ago when Elders Holland and Oaks were called to the Twelve at the same General Conference that the senior leaders went outside the ranks of the LDS bureaucracy (the Seventies, etc.) to bring in Holland and Oaks as new blood or fresh thinking.

It was Nelson and Oaks. Holland came later.

Five bonus points for Last Lemming. It was Elders Nelson and Oaks that came in together. I will correct the post.

I'm no court historian, but when I was reading The Brethren several years back, I was surprised by the amount of power a chief Justice could get by simply being more flexible (choice of who wrote decisions etc.).

I saw most of the series. As the LA Times critic famously put it, "There was a justice named Hamburger [sic] and a justice named Frankfurter."

The General Authorities are publicly united today and keep any disagreements private. Nothing like the days when Hugh B. Brown was publicly contradicting Ezra Taft Benson or making public comments about the priesthood policy.

I'm a bit confused by your comment on Oaks and Nelson. Are you saying that those remarks on diversity were made ten years ago? Or back in 1984?

Justin, 1984? Has it really been that long? I recall hearing the remarks at the time Oaks and Nelson were called, which (shooting from the hip) I pegged at ten years ago. Seems like ten years.

J. Stapley,
The chief justice assigns who writes the opinion only when in the majority. I believe you're referring to the practice of conservative chief justice Burger abusing the privilege and becoming hated by the liberal justices by often switching his vote if he found himself in the minority to retain the assignment privilege. Chief justice Renquist put an end to those shenanigans and that was the main reason the liberal justices got on very well with him, even though he was much more conservative than Burger.

All those white faces and blue suits is embarrasing. It long past the time for the ranks of GAs to look like the church. Moreover, our defacto female GAs should be referred to as GAs.

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