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This won't be a blog, at least what I have read. A link at my blog explains a tiny bit more, if you are interested (I'm too lazy to get the link again....)

M&M, I perused your main page and found no link to additional information at LDS.org. You'll have to at least give a hint, like maybe a post title and a date.

This is the link that has statements by Michael Otterson and explains a tiny bit about what will be going on at lds.org later this week. The link wasn't directly to lds.org. Sorry I didn't make that more clear. And maybe that isn't what you were looking for, but I found the article (including what Bro. Otterson said) interesting.

And here is the link to info at the lds.org Newsroom.

Whether it is technically a blog or not, I think its great the Church is stepping up its responsiveness and engaging other online media by linking to other sites as well as the column link to PBS' Mormon page.

I agree. It is good.

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