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Actually, Dave, I'm not sure neo-orthodox theology is as close to evangelicalism as you're implying here. The major neo-orthodox thinkers - Barth, Brunner, the Niebuhrs - were Lutheran, and, in the case of the first two, German. Evangelicalism, on the other hand, is an Anglo-American phenomenon, and though the Calvinism of some of its forebears bore certain affinities to neo-orthodoxy, evangelicalism from its birth in the eighteenth century is really only partly Calvinist - it's heavily influenced by the Arminianism of Wesley and the Methodists. Thus the sense of confidence and optimism that you note. Certainly, the neo-orthodox thinkers were not terribly sympathetic to the soteriology or supernaturalism of the evangelical movement.

Matt, Barth was actually Swiss, although he studied in Germany and had academic posts there until he was forced out during the Nazification of Germany (he refused to swear allegiance to Adolf Hitler, apparently a requirement for all faculty).

Loyalty oaths — now there's an interesting subject.

Almost I want to say "Switzerland, Germany, what's the difference?" But I won't.

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