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I haven't seen flags of our fathers. For War Movies, I did like Saving Private Ryan, and thought it was well done, and I really liked Joyeux Noel, which is in my top 10 all time movies right now.

My most recent disappointments haven't been due much to sex or violence, because I don't watch too many R rted movies, but I was really let down by Spider-man 3 because of sub-par story-telling. Maybe I had too high of expectations. In the same boat, we just rented "Happily N'ever After" and watched it with my 3 year old, and it also felt hastily done and not very well thought out in the story telling aspect. As for cultural messages, the "religious leaders are frauds" them in Happy Feet frankly disturbed me. (much more so than the PETA meesage.)

Recent films I was pleasently surprised with? As the father of a three year old, Meet the Robinsons was fun. The longer I sit here and right, the more it is becoming apparant to me that I have allowed my children to swallow my movie-going life and I don't watch grown up movies often.

I would've walked out of Talledega Nights if the people I was with hadn't wanted to stay for the whole thing. (It was at the dollar theater---I know better than to pay full price for anything these days.)

I just saw the Last Mimzy (also at the dollar theater) and really enjoyed it. The Illusionist I thought was pretty good. Probably the best movie I've seen recently was Shaun of the Dead. Not something I'd rent, due to the swearing, but edited for television it was awesome.

I loved The Illusionist with its sepia tones and mystical environment. Have you seen Stranger Than Fiction? You can despise the overly-goofy Will Ferrell and still love this movie. It's a sweet, romantic, funny, literate story that is unlike most movies coming out of Hollywood these days.

For a current illustration of Hollywood's difficulty in dealing with religion as anything other than a foil for its own secular and sexual agenda, see Film portrays Mormons in an ugly light in today's Deseret News.

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