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Of all the interview transcripts I found Elder Holland's one of the most interesting for many of the reasons you describe. In addition to the highlights in this post I found his comments on revelation v. interesting. He implicitly seemed to suggest he himself had experienced visions/voices that he was not willing to talk about. Again, something I have very rarely heard mentioned in say General Conference.

Great write-up, Dave. I'm impressed with the response to the folklore question. This is extraordinarily important.

When I read Holland's comments on taking the middle way with regard to the Book of Mormon, I cried.

The "middle way" may bring you to tears, but to me it is a sure sign that the church will slowly, but surely, de-emphasis the BM. In ten to twenty years, it will barely be mentioned. The reasons are self evident to anyone who pays attention/ie. archeology/genetics, etc..
Those who rightly base the whole basis of the church on the validity of the BM will slowly die out and eventually its importance will only be a vague memory, the same way the "mark of cain", polygamy, the return to Missouri, etc., have become a mere memory to many new and, or, younger Mormons...er, excuse me; members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
If you don't believe in evolution, you are witnessing it in real time. The Church is evolving before your very eyes.

Hmmm, and I suppose that challenge to read the BoM before the end of '05 was secretly part of the plan to de-emphasize as well.

Duff, as usual, my efforts to be succinct have been a failure: I have merely been unclear.

I live on the middle way. To have an apostle say, "It's not the ideal, but you can still belong here" was pretty powerful for me. I was happy about it, not sad. I sometimes cry when I'm happy.

"If you don't believe in evolution..." Science isn't something to be believed. It's something to be tested and evaluated based on the data. It is my understanding that evolution is a scientific hypothesis that is strongly supported by the evidence. Using the language of faith to talk about our approach to science distorts the proper place of both. Non-overlapping magisteria and all that.

Sorry for the tangent, Dave. I get confused when people make comments that imply that I'm a creationist.

Holland never said the "folklore" was wrong - he said his former colleagues' statements on blacks and the priesthood were surely inadequate, and maybe wrong. Notice his "and/or" statement? No, the final chapter on blacks and the priesthood has not been written yet. It remains a mystery, and those who want openness won't get it because those who may know will keep it sealed in their hearts.

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