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A handy review article just came out in today's Deseret News: Historians tell details of massacre.

"Are you not a woman and a sister? Is you answer yes, you should probably subscribe." If I answer Yes that I am not a woman and a sister? I don't get it.

It would have been helpful if MacKinnon hadn't spent the entire first third of his article talking about himself and how he came to write about this subject.

Dude, you're not Gordon B. Hinckley. I really couldn't care less about your own personal journey. Put a sock in it, and talk about the subject at hand already!

I'm starting to read into the real substance of the article, but man! it sure was hard to get past his self-indulgent trip down memory lane.

"If you're Mormon, you could very well spend the next twenty years having to explain why in 1857 a motley band of Southern Utah Mormons murdered a hundred or so unarmed, captive Americans."

My first question is: According to who? My second question is: Why is something that happened 150 years ago relevant today? Think about it. It means nothing to anybody except Mormmon haters and a tiny bunch of history buffs. Killing one's enemies has been quite popular through out history. Just ask the Catholics, the Baptists, the Methodists, the Puritans and so forth. Quite honestly, I am not sure how I would behave if I came face-to-face with people bragging about killing my loved ones. Wiping out men and women would not be out of charachter if one is inclined to commit a massacre or so history teaches us. At least the kids were spared at MM which is more than what happened at Haun's mill. Where is your sympathy and concern for them?

JLF, I'm not saying that Mountain Meadows should become an item of conversation, I'm just saying it could very easily become a topic that gets talked about for the foreseeable future. Let's hope Dean Cain turns in a subpar performance and thank the god of casting that they didn't pull in Teri Hatcher too.

Matt W, I know it is disputed how one is supposed to respond to a negative interrogatory. To me, the only way to avoid confusion is to give either a "Yes, I am" or a "No, I'm not" response, avoiding messy and confusing "Yes, I'm not a woman" response. I'm sure X2 would be thrilled with anyone willing to pony up the ten bucks for a subscription.

I agree with Dave. I think this movie, SEPTEMBER DAWN, is going to have a large impact on the American public. I plan on seeing the film and studying up on my history to be able to have an intelligent response to questions and haters in general.

Well thank you, BYU_History_Buff. Why I am so flattered I am just going to run out and see that film, SEPTEMBER DAWN, on opening day. Might buy two tickets and see it twice. I will encourage everyone I know to see the movie and to preorder DVDs for Christmas for every relative on their list ... NOT! [You know, stealth marketing only works if you're stealthy about it.]

My guess is that, despite the Romney connection that was unplanned, September Dawn will go largely unseen.


That's hilarious. A truly classic moment in Internet marketing.

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