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Thanks for the mention, Dave! Mormon Momma has actually been around since New Year's Day 2003, but we converted to Bloggerism a few months ago. We're in the process of transferring the hundreds of articles over to the blog. A big project, but we have great writers, so it's all good.

Wow, I get to be the first to offer congratulations on the new template. I liked the old look fine, but this is an improvement. Well done!

DMI continues to add value to the bloggernacle.

That Learn By Faith blog has a link to another blog that apparently reveals the author, FWIW. (Michael D. Jensen)

Ahem. I was the first to congratulate Dave on the new template, in a comment at MormonStories. So there.

I like the new template, too, because I hope it means that you really are coming back soon :-)

Thanks for the comments on "the new look." Yes, I should be back to regular blogging around August 1st.

Looks good, Dave.

I'm late, but I add my compliments on the updates to your site. I especially like how you've set up your book reviews.

Thanks, BIV. Yes, this template puts nice shaded boxes around the book entries and wraps the text around the cover image, which makes for a more compact presentation. I really ought to get more of my recent books posted. So many tasks; so little time.

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