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Thanks for this. I find I have less and less time for blogging. We need a Reader's Digest version.

I find the Google Readers helps a lot. I was really quite surprised to see how many posts come down the turnpike on an average day.

I was sure I was going to make the "trash" list. Phew!

Jacob, I'm using the term "trash" loosely, of course. We might term the 10% "gems" and the 90% "largely forgettable." And the labels apply to posts, not people. Everyone puts up a gem here or there, along with the routine and forgettable stuff.

What is a Google reader?

Google Reader is an aggregator that works sort of like an email inbox. If you have a Google account, you can set up the reader to gather RSS feeds (such as from weblogs) and display the current posts from all the selected feeds in one "inbox," by title or with an excerpt, for quick review and reading. I find it to be very handy.

Hey, thanks for the little shout out! :-)

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