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I can certainly see why it was rejected. The first book is quite dull and not very well written. Actually, the first two books aren't all that good. It really isn't until the third book that Rowling starts to really get good. I'm glad the publisher gave her a chance though.

And yes, gotta love the irony.

No way Ian. The first was among the best of her books I think. It is definitely the best suited for kids. (I thought 2 and 5 were the duds of the bunch if there were any...)

I am excited about the last book! My wife has already seen the OotP movie. I'm taking her on a date to see it tomorrow.

I too love the irony of the whole publishing bit. I cling to that thought thinking I too might publish a book some day.

Stick to yer guns!

I'm in the dark on this one. I read the first two pages of the first book a few years ago, didn't like her style, and quit reading. Haven't seen any of the movies.

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