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There is an RSS feed for the LDS Newsline, but it's a bit hidden. Here's a direct link:


This is a tremendous improvement. Looks like they are taking some tips from the Trib.

The old site was horrendous. So badly designed that clicking on the masthead didn't return you to the home page. In fact it didn't do anything. I would say that this is better than the Tribune's page. However I have to note the fact that an annoying banner ad expanded when I first visited the page to hide the article and picture covering President Faust's funeral. I had to click to hide it. Who knew that Ford trucks were more important to the DN than the death of a member of the First Presidency?

Newspapers should never allow news articles to be covered up by ads. The Trib had a similar add last election day that said "Vote Republican!" on top of their news content. A friend that has done work there called to complain and they took it down within minutes.

I hated the Trib's redesign when it first came out a few months ago and it hasn't grown on me since then. If the DN is smart enough to keep the ads under control I might start going there more often.

On the Trib site, to get to LDS stories, just choose LDS in the News pull-down menu. It's right under the "Polygamy" category !!!!

Thanks for the tip, aki. The menus aren't tied to a normal drop-down box, so it's not evident (from a quick view of the page) that there are drop down menus hiding behind those buttons.

The letters to the editor in the DN are almost impossible not to respond to. What is an intelligent person to do??
Is is because the intellectual quotient in the Utah Valley is so low, or is it because the editor is so under the gun?? Inquiring minds want to know.

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