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I wonder if the state would start taking the same approach to enforcing the speed limit on state highways? No enforcement unless there is an independent infraction like reckless driving.


I spoke on just this topic at Sunstone.

Polygamy laws are currently in more or less the same place as sodomy laws were, pre-Lawrence. They are used as additional offenses, but not enforced as stand-alone violations. This creates some interesting results.

It seems the focus should be on the Bible, and what Christ said about the matter. One man and one wife ( Matthew 19).

So much nonsense about celestial marriage and temple sealings. Read what Christ said in Mark 12:24.

Arthur, let's hope Utah state officials are reading my weblog and will re-orient the Utah State Code to conform with biblical pronouncements. I can't wait for the first stoning of a shopowner who keeps his shop open on Sunday. Or is it Saturday? And they can just cut out that whole section of the code dealing with divorce (following NT pronouncements). Or just make it effective with an oral statement by the husband (following OT practice). There will be a wholesale revolution in banking when the usury prohibition is reinstated. And so forth.

As a someone who just took out another set of law school loans, I'd be okay with prohibiting usury :)

You might consider taking a few steps back and applying a little common sense. I've yet to see "God" accredited as the author of any flavour of the bible.

A bit of a red flag if you think about it.


My understanding was that polygamy laws are almost impossible to enforce. Anyone know more on this?

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