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Hey Dave,

Thanks for the link. The Tribune now has an article explaining the juror's dismissal. While I don't practice criminal law, this sure sounds like fertile ground for an appeal issue. The juror apparently mislead the court and counsel in some of her answers during voir dire and didn't disclose her own prior sexual abuse. She used that experience during jury deliberations to convince some hold outs to convict.

Also, your links above to Freespace don't seem to be working. I'd like to read them, based on your lead line. They sound interesting

Thanks for the update link, Guy -- I spliced it into my post and fixed the link problem. The prosecutor must be tearing his hair out over that juror.

Not much to say other than I'm glad he'll be cooling his heels in prison for a while.

I've thought that the bigamy laws were more or less unenforceable for some time now. This is yet another case in point. If there is tax evasion, welfare fraud, or abuse going on, have at them. But the bigamy issue needs to be left out of it. Otherwise these people can use the religion card to garner sympathy they wouldn't ordinarily deserve.

Authorities have just filed charges against the husband for rape of a child. Considering that the Jeffs jury found that the girl would never have had sex if not for Jeffs' religious dominance, it seems that the husband should now point out that he never would have married a 14 year old and had sex with her, if Jeffs hadn't used his religious authority to direct it.

How much would you like to bet, however, that such consistent logic won't prevail when the husband goes to trial?

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