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Amen indeed.

Nice post Dave.

That quote puts it really well.

But doesn't it kind of contradict her earlier point, that you can't predict what Mormons will do? Smoot was as much a party loyalist as anyone else in the Senate. Same for Reid. And do you really think that residual cultural memory of Missouri is going to keep Romney from reducing protection of individual rights and increasing government intervention (for example, in the areas of gay rights and wireless surveillance) if that's what his party wants him to do? I'm not asking rhetorically, I really wonder if it would.

JKC, I suppose the most direct reply is that once a candidate is elected President, they *are* the party. It's not like there is a party that tells the President what to do politically; the President does whatever the President and his or her advisors decide is best (whether that means best for the country, the party, or the President is another matter). Presidents may do unpredictable things and politics of course plays a role in much of what they decide, but I don't think parties control Presidents.

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