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I can't find an RSS feed for the Church News. It's great that it's online - but without the RSS feed it might be harder to follow what is new on the site.

This is good news, Dave. Thanks for the note.

I don't mean to be the party pooper but I believe that the content at Church News is usually offered for free during the weeks of General Conference. Otherwise, you need to subscribe to the Des News if you live in Utah or the Church News itself if you live outside.

Strangely, CN did have a RSS feed for subscribers but it hasn't worked for awhile (that or I lost the feed and can't find it).

I emailed someone at Deseret News' LDS Newsline a few weeks ago and they hinted that there are more changes coming soon to LDS Newsline. Perhaps that will involve the Church News. It's way past due for an overhaul.

I was just about to say what David Sundwall just did. I'd be ecstatic if it were otherwise.

FWIW, here is our scraped RSS feed for the Church News:


Awesome. I hope it's permanent.

Good to see it online, but they need to work on the design of the website. It is ugly.

I am only cautiously optimistic. I communicated with the online editor about this issue months ago, because there is an amazing "catch 22" about the Church News. Along the Wasatch Front, the only way to get it -- other than the very few headlines they display through the online version - has been to buy the Sunday paper! If you go to the subscription places where you can get Ensign, etc. you discover that you CANNOT order an individual subscription to the Church News if you live here!

Also, I clicked the Church News link just now and tried to get fun thihgs like the GA chart, etc. As previously, you have to log in with your subscription number.... aka, no dice!!

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