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I know that at the Institute here in Austin, Texas - most of the full time teachers (including the Institute Director) read RSR and loved it, recommending to everyone they talked to about it.

So, at least here, it got a positive reception from the CES types.

Of course, after the presentation on why Evolution is evil at the recent weekly lecture series (a different speaker each week), it may just be a wash.

[ And I had hoped my post on Battlestar Galactica was M*'s finest hour. Oh, well. :-) ]

Thanks for the thoughts, Dave. I really want to read this book. I read RSR. I borrowed it from the library. I wonder if they have this one, too.

I was asked today in Gospel Doctrine what we learned from the First Vision. I almost said something like, "Joseph Smith couldn't make up his mind." Instead I said, "Jesus and God are separate."


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