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Maybe we'll have a guest star at General Conference.

No, somehow I don't think that would make his task any easier. A photo of Mitt sitting meekly listening to the Brethren would be worse than Dukakis and the tank.

Yes, for sure.

Dave, for Governor Romney to play down his personal distinctions of Christianity . . . this will create the frustrations among evangelicals. Forthrightness is better than playing the part of a smiling ecumenical Protestant.

That was my qualifier.

OK, I have commented three in a row; I am back on the bench. :)

Todd pulls a comment hat trick ...

I'd reply that Romney is a candidate for office, not a proselyting missionary or an official LDS representative. Candidates downplay differences and promote common ground on many issues, including religion. I don't think Romney is any different in this than any other candidate, and it's fair to say he is rather more sincere in his religious statements than most candidates (who generally aren't particularly involved with their denominations, but coyly play it up for the media when campaigning).

In observation of the first tier Presidential Republican and Democratic candidates, I agree with you, Dave.

They market Jesus for their own political purposes . . . sounds like John 6.

I hope a prepared statement by Romney on his Mormonism comes out better than when he's been asked questions by reporters (I'm specifically thinking of his seeming carelessness when saying "I can think of nothing more awful than polygamy" and "I haven't done baptisms for the dead in a long time").

Hey Todd, you think Romney would be doing better - even with Christian conservatives - if he hadn't suddenly gone so emphatically pro life once it was time to woo evangelical voters?

Seth, I give him the benefit of the doubt on the issue you have mentioned.

I think what would frustrated conservative evangelicals is if he said he is just like other traditional Christians, downplaying distinctions on national public air.

He can say something like "Yes, here are some of the distinctives in my faith from traditional evangelical Christianity in America, we are different in many areas, but here is where we agree politically and morally and what the American people must maintain for a strong, free society."

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