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A moment that struck me was in a "pregame show" before Romney's speech, where seasoned pundits on MSNBC were anticipating what he was going to say, predicting responses, etc. One of them brought up how shocked he was by the amount of hostility he saw when mentioning Mormonism. A couple of the others chimed in, how surprised they were as well. As I sat there watching, I thought, "Welcome to the party, boys."

Jack Kennedy smack down, love it.

It isn't completely fair to say that the "wall of separation" metaphor was invented in 1947. I know you didn't say that, you said that that's the first time it entered Supreme Court language. But it might leave the impression that the justices pulled it out of thin air.

But it's not like the Court wrote that metaphor itself. It was Jefferson who came up with it. And Jefferson used it specifically to describe the First Amendment.

I don't disagree with your criticism of the punditry. But while it is true that the "wall of separation" language isn't in the constitution, it does have an older and more distinguished pedigree than someone might think reading your last paragraph.

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