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I haven't made my mind up about who I will vote for in the '08 Pres. race. Right now I'd like to vote for Romney just so I could flaunt the "Mormon issue" in the faces of all those who willingly choose to remain ignorant about our faith. But, I'm not sure that's a good enough reason to have someone in the White House.

If you listen to what people are saying about the Mormon issue, there's a very large hill that you've got to get over. If you try to defend your faith, you've got the group saying "This isn't about religion, it's about running the government." And, if you don't address the faith issue the other crowd (in and out of the Church) accuse him of dodging the question.

This much is easy to call: Romney's speech today is his "first Tuesday in November." The election is determined today for him.

The Speech is in. Text at T&S. Those who heard it seem impressed, but I haven't seen the MSM reaction yet.

From an evangelical . . .

I liked it.

Good to hear, Todd. It sounded like a uniting speech rather than a dividing speech, which (of course) is what you'd expect from any smart politician trying to appeal to a broad electorate and gather support. I wonder if Huckabee will put similar comments into a speech -- it would be a nice way to settle the waters and make the religion angle a positive feature of the Republican race rather than a negative one.

I have often thought that black Americans voter were too loyal to the Democrats and that their party takes their votes for granted. I thought that they should look closer at other party candidates that they could find common cause with and change their voting habits to see if the parties would work harder on their behalf.
As a Mormon I am starting to feel the same way about the Republican Party. If the religious right uses Mormonism as a religious test the way it looks like thy will. I plan to vote republican locally and Democratic Nationally. We are also be taken for granted.

Yeah, TGray, I have sounded a similar tone on some occasions. Democrats are good at including marginalized and excluded groups. If they could just get the gay bloc to muzzle it for awhile, they might attract some of the Mormon vote.

"Don't theological differences divide every denomination from every other denomination at some level?" Well, yes, but not at the level of the differences between Mormon theology and the others.

Consider this: Belief in the Mormon God requires belief in the possibility of an infinite regression. (The mathamaticians among you will revolt at the notion.) The exalted-man turned God of necessity had a father-God, grand-father-God and so on, ad infinitum. God by the Billions have to exist in order for the Mormon God to exist. Such an infinite regression into the past is not possible.

For example, if it were possible we could not be here at this (or any) moment. Why? Because in order for us to be here and infinite number of moments have to have passed. But wait! There are still moments to come (as in all future moments). So unless we redefine infinity to be something less than infinity, infinite regression is not possible. Not even for God. Just like He can't make a square circle. Can God make a square circle, and can an infinite regression exist are nonsensical questions.

Gene -- and why exactly is this is a problem for Mormonism, as opposed to all other denominations that accept some notion of eternity? I wasn't aware that Evangelicals thought that God would live only until time T.

Gene, it's also logically impossible for there to be a beginning.

What caused the beginning?

If nothing caused "the beginning," then there logically couldn't have been one.

So there you are. Infinite regress is every bit as logical or illogical as an absolute beginning. Neither of them works.

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