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I find it rather curious that nobody seems to be allowed to access the new policy, unless they are BYU students, staff or faculty. We see a few soundbytes, but we can't read what has actually been enacted.

I'm currently a student at BYU, and I remember one of my teachers mentioning this.

However, fortunately, my teachers still share their opinions on matters. If universities around the world can spread their liberal agenda, surely BYU teachers can share their opinion.

And their opinion is especially relevant in my major: Economics.

I don't get it.

There seems to be a concern that some independent student group being free to invite a speaker to campus might indicate a lack of neutrality.

But last year Dick Cheney was not only invited to give a speech, he was invited to speak before a captive audience at commencement and actually given an honorary degree. Meanwhile those who attempted to register protest to Cheney's views were severely restricted. This seems much closer to an official endorsement than any speaker invited by a student group could possibly be.

Ed: While I did disagree with the Cheney decision, I do think credit should be given to BYU for allowing two protests - the first protests allowed in many years.

Those protests saved BYU's toesies, since they took the shine off an institutional endorsement of Dick Cheney.

I was there for all of that mess - it was my commencement, and I went and enjoyed the Vice President's address. Even though I don't agree with him politically, I thought he did well in addressing a group of young poeple moving forward in the world.

I think it is especially interesting that President Hinckley came, without anyone saying he would beforehand, walking right next to our Vice President. That was a strong statement if I've ever seen one - a statement of respect for the OFFICE of VP, not necessarily an edorsement for the man who currently holds that office.

Also, we should remember that the invitation was first extended to the President of the US, and I don't care who is president, it's an honor to have someone like that at a commencement. Cheney was a fill-in.

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