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It's about time! Thanks for the info.

I saw them perform at the Oakland Temple InterStake Center in September (2007). It is spectacular! But to be candid, it is not really a concert, but more of a missionary effort to reach out to diverse races that would otherwise be turned off to the LDS church. My favorite part of the night? Gladys Knight herself saying, "I am an African-American Woman, and I am a Mormon. I am an AFRICAN-AMERICAN WOMAN, and I am MORMON!"
It was an amazing experience.

Thanks for the heads up Dave. Looks like a CD worth adding to the collection.

Thanks for the pointer, I've ordered some CDs as a result.

It seems to me that Mormon music is slowly changing for the better.

The Mormon Tabernacle now sometimes uses bells and rattles and even sways to the music now and then.

I can't wait till the day they raise their hands in praise, and let the audience
know its ok to 'experience' the love of God.
(Even President Hickley raises his cane in joy and praise once in a while!)

LDS music needs the passion of more "praise and worship".

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