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i hope they cover the byu baseball story myself. my brother had his endorsement suspended for the same reason. basically the bishop and stake president took the side of his landlord in a rent dispute (a civil matter that should have nothing to do w/ ones worthiness) but since they couldn't kick him out for that they used the church attendance excuse. basically he missed four sundays one semester, but three of them were due to his friends' missionary farewells. it took two months and a few visits to the president's office to finally get it overturned, by which time his grades were shot since he couldn't take any tests while his status was unresolved. the university did very little to help him in the situation and most of the staff was very unsympathetic to his situation.

if the only way to get some change at the university is through public embarrassment then i'm all for it. they're certainly not going to reform on their own.

It's Laurel, not Laura Ulrich.

Thanks for the correction, Kristine.

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