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In some languages the name of the Church translates as "The Church of Jesus Christ of Saints of the Last Days" which I'm sure helps us win converts.

Adding to the tangent,Fijian translation was literaly till 03: the Church of Jesus Christ about them the rightous spirits at this time

it was later simplified to: Church Of Jesus Christ of rightous spirtis at this time

I checked out More Good. Good for some I guess. I like Blogger better.

Interesting commentary. I'm curious. Why "ought" the name of the Church be different than what it is? I know I've read some commentary somewhere on the subject.

Dave, I usually tell people that our CEO is Derek Zoolander and we operate a center for kids who can't read good and wanna learn to do other stuff good too and that usually settles it.

By the way, I didn't interpret that article to be about the More Good blog at all. The main topic was LDS.net, a place where members can create their own blogs. Granted, these won't be bloggernacle blogs, but for most of the users that's not the goal.

The More Good blog may fall in the same category. It's a Mormon blog but not really a bloggernacle blog. For 'naclers accustomed to pithy banter, it's probably as much fun as the Dell corporate blog. Personally, I like to read me some DMI, Guy Murray, J Stapley, Kevin Barney, and others, but the More Good blog doesn't reflect it.

How does one get integrated in this bloggernacle, anyway?

Thanks for the good-natured comments, Richard. Way back in 2005, when there were only two dozen LDS blogs, it was easy to cross-network via links and comments, and an aggregator like MA could display all of them. The term "Bloggernacle" emerged when there weren't many LDS blogs and it way synonymous with "all LDS blogs." Now I'd say the B'nacle is a community that is an undefined subset of about 50 blogs (roughly the listing at one of the aggregators) of a much larger group of LDS blogs.

Subject to the numbers problem, I think the community is quite open to new blogs and bloggers.

I think it is entirely hilarious that there is a perception that there is a distinction between LDS blogs and the bloggernacle, with the implication being that the bloggernacle is the wild step child.

Thanks, Dave. That's also my perception of the bloggernacle, that it's a subset of all Mormon blogs -- not synonymous -- but not that it's the wild step child either. Maybe the college prep-school child.

I'd rather think of the bloggernacle as the "cool uncle" you were always getting in trouble with as a kid.

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