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since we might have a pilot in the White House come January 2009.


I had no idea Obama knew how to fly.

I thought the same thing Guy.

Don't we already have one? I'm pretty sure that all the investigation of W's National Guard service revealed that he did actually fly an airplane occasionally.

Did you notice in the picture at the bottom that they referred to Sacrament meeting as Sunday Mass?

Good grief!

I guess I can play too.

Mitt just announced he's been taking flying lessons.

Also, what do you think Pres. Uchtdorf meant when he said that the U.S. could learn to be more "supportive"?

Geez, aren't you guys tired of talking politics already? :)

Funny, I'd forgotten President Bush flew jets. And just so you don't think I forgot them, I'll note that Elder Packer and Elder Hales were previously military pilots as well. And of course Elder Robert C. Oaks, who was career Air Force and ended up a four-star general as well as being a pilot.

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