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Looks like John Huntsman on the far right, half-way cut off.

Oh, and Orrin Hatch next to Reid's wife.
BTW Mike Leavitt is now in Bush's cabinet, and no longer the governor of Utah.

Congressman Jeff Flake of Arizona is three seats in, four rows back.

Row 2, seat 3 looks like Romney offspring -- possibly Josh.

Thanks for the reminder on Leavitt, KC. I've corrected the post.

Down to the right from Romney's family you have Oregon Senator Gordon Smith.

Behind them in the third row you have Utah's House delegation, from L to R: Matheson, Cannon, and Bishop.

In the Fourth you have Flake (already mentioned) and then to the right of him is scandal-plagued retiring CA Rep. Doolittle.

In the Fifth row you have Bill Marriott, and to the right, Hunstman Sr.

Utah Atty Gen Shurtleff in upper right a few rows back.

There's probably a few more House Rep.s there but maybe someone else knows what they look like.

Did Mike Wallace attend? Anybody know?

According to this Trib article, Wallace had triple-bypass surgery on Friday and was unable to attend the funeral.

The woman touching her glasses in the middle is Rev. Carolyn Tanner Irish, Episcopal Bishop of Utah.

That is Jon Huntsman, Sr. just to the upper right of Jeff Flake, below Rev. Irish.

Looks like Pastor Murray, back left

Mike Wallace had triple bypass surgery on Jan. 25, so it's not surprising if he could not attend the funeral.

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