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The question is: what is really, really important?

I viewed the video exposing the drug-riddled Texas Foster Care system at:

I have also read over 1,000 thought-provoking comments by outraged citizens at:

It seems this is huge historically.

Should be interesting how things go with the ad litems and the 42 USCA 1983 action that is rolling along.

What a mess.

Dave, I am concerned about your little aside, "Well, clean and pure and screwing 14-year-olds." So far in this case no 14-year-olds have been found to be involved. There are about 10 16-year-olds who are married, most of them to boys about their own age. I feel these types of comments are very prejudicial. Have you seen any evidence showing that 14-year-old girls are married to older men?

BiV, the FLDS men in this CBS interview this morning don't deny that teenage girls are married to older men and say that many people in the FLDS compound are unaware of the laws against marrying underage girls.


http://www.sltrib.com/ci_9002940 (it's also in the sidebar)

If this doesn't get the Mormon feminists up in arms, nothing will! :-P

The main argument at this stage appears to be that there were underage marriages but they were to underage men and not older men as CPS claimed. I suspect we'll have to await the paternity tests to see if that is true.

If it's not then perhaps the CPS didn't overstep as much as it appeared. (Although I still think taking the children under 8 away from their parents was horrible given the evidence)

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