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Oddly enough, one of the appearances I most remember is his cameo appearance in Kenneth Brannaugh's rendition of Hamlet - as one of the players.

I was in high school, and went over to nearby BYU campus to watch a screening of the movie on the ground floor of the Kimball tower. I remember feeling really awkward being only 17 years old, and the only person in the audience (that I could tell) who hadn't come with anyone else. But once the movie started, I was riveted. Hamlet always spoke to me very powerfully as a teenager.

Then the scene where Hamlet greets the players. I thought Brannaugh had been in fine form throughout the movie as Hamlet, then Heston steps up removing his hat and coat - and for a few minutes, Hamlet, Polonius, everyone almost ceased to exist as Heston spoke of foul murder and the grief of Hecuba.

At the end, I found I was gripping the arms of my seat.

I don't know how well that movie or that scene has stood the test of time. But whenever I see Heston, a part of me is still 17 years old watching a grand master of film stealing the show with a mere bit-part. I can still quote that monologue from memory.

Heston, his dramatic scowl unmatched, suffered on the screen with such writhingly painful agony. He was also unparalleled in his political activism, his strong unapologetic conservative inclination such a striking contrast from the typical limp-wristed politically-correct Hollywood liberal.

Will ever we hear again the like -- voice of God, booming out from behind the silver screen?

There is never a bad time for a Tombstone plug. Well done Dave. You are our Huckleberry.

Tombstone? Hamlet?

What about police detective Robert Thorn, battling an overpopulated and underfed New York City in the year 2022?

"You've gotta tell them! Soylent Green is people! We've gotta stop them somehow!"

Who gets his gun?

They'll have to pry it from his cold dead fingers you dirty ape!

"limp-wristed politically correct"? What do those terms mean?

Homosexual, cbiden. They mean homosexual.

OT:Have you ever noticed how Duhbya crosses his ankles? And he was a cheerleader? Just sayin'.

Huh? I have a hard time separating Charlton Heston-as-Moses (or whomever), from Charlton Heston-as-NRA extremist. I for one thought he consistently overacted and did not respect his drive to make guns more available in our gun-saturated society. I am sorry for his family, etc., but beyond that, not a big deal to me.

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